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Toe Spacers
Based In
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Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Vegan, Shoes, Boots, United Kingdom, 50-99, 100-199

We make 2 styles of ‘minimal’ shoes, 4+1 ‘split-toe’ and 5in1 ‘toes together’. Our 4+1 split toe shoes have a separate pocket for the big toe which gives a little more ‘glove-like’ feel, whilst our 5in1 shoes have all toes together, like traditional shoes. Both styles are flexible, roomy to allow toes to spread, have no heels and allow feeling from the ground, all to achieve the same ‘barefoot-like’ result and they tend to be worn interchangeably. Largely it’s a matter of personal preference!

Sometimes we might want or need to move on a harder suface or for a longer time/distance and for this we use a thin layer of advanced shock absorbing material such as PORON or ORTHOLITE. This does not affect the ‘barefoot-like’ nature of the shoe, but can prevent the foot soreness which you can get with such harder use.

We are a small but fast growing niche footwear business based in North Yorkshire, UK. We made our first shoes in 2011.

Simple, Vegan-friendly barefoot shoes.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Hiking, Business, Zero Drop, Vegan, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, United States, 100-199

To us, it’s simple – shoes should be designed using the bare minimum. They should fit the foot’s anatomy, while allowing your feet to move like you’re wearing nothing at all.

In 2008, Lems’ creator, Andrew Rademacher, reached his end point searching for shoes that fit the natural shape of the foot. Starting out by dissecting his favorite running shoes and cutting out the extra, unnecessary material, Andrew decided to learn the art and science of shoemaking in his own way. He studied shoe fitting, last construction, and pattern making so that he would be able to design his shoes to fit like no other on the market.

Andrew began to realize that the big shoe brands had it all wrong. Shoes should be built around the natural shape of the human foot, and not the other way around. This meant that a shoe should be widest at the forefoot and toes, while allowing for full flexibility and unrestricted movement.

After three years of research, countless hours of design and dozens of prototypes, Andrew’s unwavering focus finally paid off. In September 2011, Lems released its first product – the Primal. Though the company has come a long way since that original design, Andrew continues to study his art while staying true to his mission of making naturally fitting footwear that allows your feet the freedom to be just as nature intended.

"If you can't find it on the market and no one's doing it, then you have to do it yourself." - Andrew Rademacher

Discover More with Less
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Italy, 100-199

For 80 years, the famous yellow octagon that identifies our brand has been synonymous with quality, performance, safety, innovation and design. Since revolutionizing the sport with the creation of the first rubber sole for mountain climbing in the 30’s, Vibram has positioned itself as the market standard. Vibram soles, created with a desire to increase safety and protection levels, are the result of a constant commitment to research and development. They proved to be irreplaceable companions during many extreme expeditions, conquering Everest, K2 and almost all the highest peaks in the world, distinguishing themselves in competitions and transoceanic regattas like the America’s Cup and the Vendée Globe Challenge and taking innovative design concepts into fashion and recreation.

Each new Vibram product is designed using the latest designs and best compounds for its specific use. New soles are always produced with three objectives: to guarantee the best performance, the maximum level of comfort and quality over time. These objectives are implemented by stringent tests that are executed in the laboratory and in the field by the Vibram Tester Team.

Since 1937 when Vitale Bramani (Vi-Bram) created the revolutionary ‘Carrarmato’, the rubber sole for mountaineering shoes, the company has continued to draw on this wealth of tradition and technology and created Vibram Fivefingers® - a minimalist footwear concept: soles for the feet with five fingers made from Vibram® rubber that, as flexible as a glove, facilitates a natural articulation of the foot.

The ultimate in minimalist footwear.

Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Hiking, Running, Business, Zero Drop, Vegan, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slip-ons, United Kingdom, 50-99, 100-199

Natural feet have all the technology they need, and a healthy shoe should let your feet do their thing

Less shoe, more you.
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Running, Hiking, Business, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Germany, 50-99, 100-199

Wildling Shoes would like to make a contribution to bringing people back into direct contact with the environment and thereby offering incentives for an active lifestyle. The thin, flexible sole of sustainable and fairly produced minimal shoes makes every step a sensory experience. In contrast to conventional shoes, the minimal shoe concept enables a natural gait and gives everyone back the joy of movement. Wildling Shoes relies on robust and durable materials made of natural materials and ensures that handcrafted production in Portugal complies with fair working conditions and environmental standards. With two collections a year and now more than 135 employees, who are almost exclusively decentralized, the company from Engelskirchen, founded in 2015, creates a bridge between family and work in the context of new work.

Wild, untamed and confident.

Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Vegan, Custom Fit, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, USA, 50-99, 100-199, United States

The most comfortable, versatile sandals and shoes your feet will ever love! Enjoy the fun and benefits of natural barefoot movement everywhere you go.

As seen on Shark Tank

"The most comfortable, versatile sandals your feet will ever love." The ultimate barefoot running shoe.. but you can do anything you want in Xeros.

Over 80,000 people in 94 countries wear Xero Shoes for walking, hiking, yoga, biking, working out, Crossfit, even running 100-mile ultramarathons through the jungles of Costa Rica.

Xero Shoes let you enjoy natural, barefoot movement, with just-enough protection, an authentic style that's your very own, an affordable price (starting at just $19.95) and a 5,000 mile warranty!

If you've tried other minimalist running shoes or barefoot shoes, you'll be amazed by Xero Shoes. Lighter, more flexible, more "barefoot." The exclusive FeelTrue sole is the only product made specifically for barefoot running sandals. And the BareFoam in our Amuri Venture gives you awesome ground-feel, with just-right protection. The Amuri Z-Trek is the ultimate lightweight sport sandal.

Get Xero Shoes in 2 ways: Our ready-to-wear, ready-to-play sandals -- just slip 'em on your feet and away you go for a night on the town or a day at the beach... or you can have the fun of making your own barefoot sandals in just minutes with our do-it-yourself (DIY) sandal making kits.

Go everywhere and do everything in Xero Shoes.

Feel The Freedom. Feel The Fun. Feel The World!

The ultimate minimalist shoes
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Spain, 50-99

Aborigen Sandals  is a brand of multi-adventure outdoor sandals, but with a revolutionary minimalist design and with different benefits depending on the model. Handcrafted one by one in an artisan way with modern materials, high resistance and quality mountain equipment materials, with the prestigious Vibram brand for the sole. An outdoor shoe highly recommended for minimalist running, also for trekking or for having the greatest adventures in nature.

Since 2005 we have been dedicated to creating sandal designs for different clients, always wanting to innovate and provide practical services and quality materials. Lovers of the mountains and excursions realized that a type of light, flexible and resistant footwear was missing for a type of outdoor activity and multidisciplinary outdoor sports. Investigating we realized that sandals could be made with what we had on hand when going out to the mountain such as high resistance tapes, backpack closings etc ... After several prototypes and tests, always with the best materials and checking the designs in extreme terrains , we decided to launch  Aborigen Sandals  in order to share our product with everyone and invite them to feel authentic aborigines.

These sandals are made by hand one by one under previous order, in a traditional way as it has been done since always, it is one of the oldest crafts in the world. We use the materials in a revolutionary way and their benefits, inspired by the tribal footwear of different peoples of the world, specifically, the Tarahumara and their Huaraches.

Minimalist sandals for running, trekking and adventure.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Sandals, Sweden, 100-199
The organic, natural and minimalist sandal
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Running, Hiking, Formal, Zero Drop, Vegan, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Flats, Czechia, 100-199, 200-299

Wie produce shoes that are designed by physiotherapists and generally have a positive influence on human health. We guarantee the high quality of our products by using the top materials available on the European market in manual production. All materials are 100% vegan and environmentally friendly. The entire company is built on an ehtical attitude. Read more in Our Pinciples.

Shoes designed by physiotherapists.
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Wellies, France, 0-49
Aigle has been protecting you, since 1853, and forever.
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, World, 50-99
Less is best – the less shoe there is, the better.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, United States, 100-199

We want everyone who is capable of running to experience the thrill of finishing their first race, setting a new personal record and shattering limits they never thought they could overcome. We use our run-improving footwear, unmatched education and inextinguishable passion for running to inspire everyone to lace up, hit the open road or trail, and start running. Our mission to get everyone out and running may be bold, but we won’t stop trying until it’s a reality.

Inspiring the world to move naturally.

Shoes, Slippers

Unisex, Kids (ages 3-13), Mens, Womens


Custom Fitted, Zero Drop

Affordable shoes that match foot pattern made of propriate materials
barefoot, minimalist and flexible shoes
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, United States, 50-99, 100-199

Our mission is to provide ethically made STYLISH, VEGAN, ECO-FRIENDLY BAREFOOT shoes to the world. Society has deviated from nature, and conventional footwear is no exception.

Other companies barefoot shoes are usually not truly barefoot shoes, ours are. Just because a shoe can bend easily does not mean it is barefoot and just because a shoe is labeled zero drop does not mean it is barefoot either. A lot of these other company’s barefoot shoes are way too thick and most of their foot beds are not flat due to elevations and angles. In order for a shoe to be truly barefoot it must have a super thin, super flexible, flat 4 mm zero drop outsole/footbed! ANI does exactly this!

As nature intended.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Cyprus , 50-99
Handmade leather sandals.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Sandals, Austria, 100-199
Sustainable foot shaped Minimal Shoes
Mens, Womens, Casual, Hiking, Business, Formal, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slip-ons, Germany, 100-199

Our claim is the "perfect shoe": a shoe that does not squeeze and optimally supports your foot. That is why every BÄR shoe is made using traditional craftsmanship - in over 160 work steps and with specially developed anatomical lasts. The dedication and time that we invest in every shoe at BÄR Manufaktur pays off in pleasant feel-good extras on your foot. Because just like you, we only want one thing for your feet: the best!

Beautiful design & unique comfort are not mutually exclusive
Kids, Mens, Womens, Business, Casual, Formal, Hiking, Running, Toe Spacers, , United States, 0-49
Make your shoes comfortable again!
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Vegan, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Sandals, Boots, Slovakia, 50-99, 100-199

At Be Lenka, we develop and produce barefoot shoes, ergonomic baby carriers, for newborns to toddlers, as well as comfortable and beautiful babywearing clothes, nursing and maternity clothes. Be Lenka company was established in 2017.

Our products are designed and made in the Czech Republic and Slovakia right in the heart of Europe under strict European Union laws related to health, safety, and quality.

Our company was co-founded by an Ex-Paralympian Ms. Lenka Cenigova, an avid babywearing mother and barefoot shoe wearer. You can read about her inspiring story about representing Slovakia in Paralympic games, her success, and her motivation behind establishing Be Lenka brand.

Juraj Fehervari is the co-founder of Be Lenka, whose vision and smart business acumen has led to a rapid awareness of Be Lenka products.

Discover barefoot city.
Mens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, United States, 50-99

Our goal is to reconnect people's feet with the ground by providing unique products that minimize foot restriction, maximize sensory feedback, and stimulate muscle engagement and proper alignment, allowing for improved athletic performance, body mechanics, and foot health. We value education, honesty, and unconventional thinking. We will continue to put out content and release products that we believe are most beneficial to foot mechanics; one of the last frontiers of training.

Optimizing the human to ground interface.

Sandals, Slippers, Shoes, Ballet Flats

Mens, Womens, Toddlers (ages 1-3), Kids (ages 3-13), Teen (ages 13-18), Unisex

Workout/Gym, Casual

Waterproof, Real Leather, Extra Wide, Handmade, Zero Drop

We are a czech manufacturer of kids & barefoot shoes. We produce barefoot shoes primarly for children and for each season and occassion (outdoor, indoor, leather, textile, mesh and other models). Newly we also produce shoes for adults too.
Handmade shoes from the Czech Republic by beda.
Mens, Womens, Running, Casual, Hiking, Zero Drop, Vegan, Sandals, United States, 50-99, 100-199

In 2011, Nick and Dan created the first Bedrock Sandal for themselves and friends while working river restoration jobs in Northern California. Our first design was an innovation to huarache style sandals for the outdoor minded wearer.

We spent the next eight years continuing to refine our sandals, making them more durable, adjustable, and capable. Along the way, we have lived in sailboats and vans, thru-hiked trails, and built sandals in cabins, forts, and garages. Now our HQ is located in Missoula, Montana as we continue in our experiment of creating the most dirtbagproof footwear.

Equal parts big adventure and simple living.

Mens, Hiking, Real Leather, Boots, US,

Belleville Boot continues to be the leading provider and innovator of combat, protective, flight and tactical military boots for the US Department of Defense (DoD)  At 108 years old and over 1 million pairs of military boots sold annually, Belleville is still

Arm your feet

Boots, Shoes, Sandals, Slippers Mens, Womens, Unisex, Toddlers (ages 1-3), Kids (ages 3-13), Teen (ages 13-18) Business/Formal, Casual, Road Running, Hiking Vegan, Real Leather, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Grounded, Zero Drop

We are a young, sustainable start-up for healthy and fashionable minimal shoes for children and adults. At bLIFESTYLE, we're passionate about creating a sustainable, healthy, high-quality product, that makes everyone happy: You, us and our business partners.
Next step footwear! Fair and sustainable minimal shoes.
Kids, Casual, Hiking, Formal, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Flats, New Zealand, 50-99, 0-49

For almost 30 years we’ve been making the world’s best shoes for little explorers, walking with them as they plant their feet upon the world. From the earliest adventures to world leaders in comfort and protection, find out where we started, where we are and where we're going next.

The best shoes in the world for growing feet
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Wellies, United States, 100-199

At Bogs, we know a thing or two about the great outdoors. We actually know way more than a thing or two about the great outdoors, but what’s important to know is that we think the outdoors are great. That’s why they’re called the great outdoors. You probably know that Bogs are from Oregon, the land of lumberjacks, trailblazers, dairy farmers, and cycling baristas with big, bushy beards. They have those beards because Oregon can be wet and cold and gloriously miserable. But with Bogs, your feet are never miserable. Because we have devoted our entire lives to making boots that are lighter and more comfortable than any other boot, in any kind of weather. Then we put them through the kind of testing that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, if you had one. The result? Boots that are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, easier to get on and off, and sometimes cuter, than just about anything you can put on your feet. Because we not only have your back; we have your toes. And your heels and your arches. And most of your ankles, calves and shins, as well. That’s just who we are. We’re Bogs, and we are 100% comfortable in our own boots. And we guarantee that you will be too.

Waterproof footwear for work, play & everything in between.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, Boots, Czechia, 0-49, 50-99, 100-199
Choose hemp. Choose life.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Sandals, Czechia, 50-99

Love for sandals and believing in simple criteria - durability and versatility. These were the the key elements that stood at the foundation of Bosky.

Years of development, dozens of worn-out soles, torn straps, many dead ends, trying new and better ways. But at the end we were rewarded with that beautiful feeling when something works perfectly. That's how Bosky, how you know it today, was born. Now we want to offer that feeling of joy while walking or running in Bosky to you!

Come with us on a journey to discover new ways of movement and enjoy the feeling of being connected with nature.

Minimalist barefoot sandals made in the Czech Republic
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Wellies, Denmark, 50-99, 100-199, 0-49
Quality shoes for the little explorers.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, Boots, Flats, Germany, 50-99, 100-199
Only barefoot is better.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Spain, 100-199

Camper was founded in 1975 in Mallorca, Spain as a contemporary, casual shoe brand. It is a family-run business dedicated to creating original footwear concepts.

Today, the brand has more than 400 stores and is available in over 40 countries.

Contemporary designs, original spirit.
Mens, Business, Formal, Zero Drop, Shoes, United States, 300

Carets are shoes with timeless Real Style, interchangeable with multiple outfits and situations formal and casual, and provide you with Real Comfort throughout. Now take these benefits, and multiply them. Not only are they resoleable, but they are backed by our full recrafting service which will restore your shoes to better-than-new, years later, for a fraction of the cost. All this at no risk, because we’ve got you covered with free returns and exchanges for 365-days. You’re not getting shoes. You’re getting tens of thousands of hours of game time, looking sharp and feeling great at the same time.

1. Timeless design that will never go out of style.
2. Resoleable. The sole is usually the first thing to wear out, and that would end the life of lesser shoes. Our shoes can be resoled, extending the life of your investment, and bringing the cost per wear down, saving you in the long run over cheap shoes.
3. Proudly made in Wisconsin by the craftsmen of Weinbrenner, continuing its 120-year heritage of high caliber footwear for everyday heroes.
4. Made with full-grain American leather: supple, strong, and beautiful.
5. Shoe horns, cotton shoe bags, & cedar shoe trees--the essentials of shoe care--included free with every pair.

And that’s not even mentioning the crowning achievement: the highest intersection of sleek dress style and natural foot comfort.

The 4 key features of natural comfort are 1. No raised heel, 2. Light & flexible sole, 3. Roomy toebox, 4. No arch disruption.

The 4 key features of professional dress shoes are 1. Raised heel, 2. Heavy & stiff sole, 3. Slim toebox, 4. Arched in midfoot.

Natural barefoot comfort and professional dress are complete opposites. But for the uncompromising man, they need to somehow exist in one shoe. Enter the Primal Professional.

We bridged the natural and the dressy with 4 solutions:
1. Hollow out the heel, so it appears raised but the foot sits flat inside.
2. Get rid of excessive material, and choose light and flexible.
3. Accommodate the widest part of the feet--the toes--then taper sharply.
4. Use angled cuts to give the appearance of an arch.

The best looking, minimalist dress shoe.
Mens, Womens, Kids, Running, Casual, Hiking, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Shoes, Boots, United States, 100-199

My feet were howling.

I needed a better shoe. I found most options were uncomfortable, poorly conceived, and imported. Like you, I want neutral running shoes that I actually enjoy running in, and I want them made in the USA. So I’ve started making them myself.

Minimally-designed, lightweight running shoes.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Zero Drop, Handmade, Custom Fit, Sandals, Germany, 100-199

1. Inspiration: The shoe of the best runners worldwide.

The Tarahumara are one of the most native tribes-people in Mexico. In the impassable mountains in their home, the province Chihuahua they manage to set world records: They complete distances of over 170km without a break during a chase or in a competition – with noting more on their feet than a pair of sandals that they made themselves using a thin sole and a lace. These sandals that the Tarahumara call “Huaraches” are a key component of their over 2000 years long successes in running as a native people.

The thin and regular sole of the Huaraches enables a natural, conscious and muscle strengthening running style that is similar to being barefoot but at the same time they protect the feet from rocks, pricks, and splinters. Instead of walking on their heel the Tarahumara land on their forefoot. This running technique results in shorter strides and a higher step frequency. As a result they benefit from an enormously increased running efficiency and endurance that most high-tech-ultramarathon-runners can only dream of.

By now their running culture and heritage have inspired many people. Ambitious runners from the USA have started to form small Huarache-sandals fan groups that trust in the healthy and efficiency increasing properties of their shoes. The Huarache sandals have also reached a cult status in the fashion industry as even the Beach Boys mentioned the Huaraches as a fashionable must have in their cultsong Surfin´USA “You'd seem 'em wearing their baggies...Huarachi sandals too”.

The Tarahumara have been using only leather for their shoes for a long time. In the 1930 years they started using rubber from old tires to make their shoes more robust.

2. Chalas - our Huaraches (Background/History of the Chalas)

In Germany Huarache sandals are mostly unknown. We want to change that as we´re big fans of these sandals. So we decided to create our own handmade Huarache-Sandal that we then named Chala®. The name Chala comes from the Latin-American Spanish language and means “sandal made from raw leather”. And this is exactly what our Chalas are: minimalistic sandals to which we added a protective layer of natural rubber. The naturally coloured leather sole and are tied only with a lace to your foot.

3. Sustainable, regional and fair

We produce our Chalas in our manufactory completely handmade in Germany. The production of our Chalas happens in our 300sqm big manufactory in Freiburg. For the production of our soles we glue together different materials (natural rubber, vegetable tanned leather, cork, Poron XRD and the natural and sought after Pinatex) with our extremely sustainable, water- based and solvent-free glue.

After cutting them out we punch the holes for the laces into the soles. For our choice of materials we were always lead by our own high demands: almost all of our materials come from suppliers from South-Germany. Through this choice we can guarantee short production distances, the support of our regional economy and we make our statement against exploitation and child labor. For Sustainability, fairness and a regional product.

4. We´re giving back: a part of the price goes to the Tarahumara people

With the purchase of your pair of Chala sandals you´re not only doing something good for your feet. We donate 3,00% of the price directly to the Little Light Feet e.V Foundation. This NGO supports the Tarahumara by for example giving them the opportunity to get a school education and thereby improving their future prospects. With your purchase of your pair of Chalas you effectively support the people in the region in which the Huarache-Sandals have been invented.

More freedom for your feet.
Womens, Formal, Zero Drop, Flats, United States, 0-49
Foldable Ballet Flats - bridesmaid gift wedding favors
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Socks, France, 0-49

Collégien’s story is one of a family, a village and an invaluable skill. The Guilles have been running their hosiery factory for over a century in Briatexte, a small village in southwest France. In 1947, Robert created the Collégien brand and, with his brother Alain, invented the injection of a flexible rubber sole into a sock: the sock-sock was born! In 2007, Olivier Guille, CEO of today and great-grandson of the founder, revamped this iconic object and made it a globally appreciated accessory, thanks to its design, its bright colors and its comfort. The fifth generation family business, which employs 120 people, has a strong heritage, which includes values ​​such as: a standard of excellence, integrity, respect for the person, loyalty, customer service and a strong work ethic.

Quality and comfort since 1947
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Business, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Handmade, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, United Kingdom, 100-199, 200-299
English handmade shoes since 1977.
Kids, Mens, Womens, , Toe Spacers, , United States, 50-99
Anatomical toe spacers designed by sports podiatrists
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Boots, United States, 200-299

Designed in LA and made in Mexico, DAVINCI shoes pair traditional shoemaking technique with innovative design to create the ideal fashion-forward leather boot.  Every aspect of each shoe, from the leather to the laces, has been specifically sourced and custom-made for us. At our family-owned 15-person factory in Léon, DAVINCI shoes are expertly handcrafted using the classic stitchdown technique which forges exceptional durability and flexibility.  Alongside tradition, DAVINCI shoes reflect our deep environmental commitment, using recycled materials whenever possible as well as new design components in ecological ways. Our approach ensures comfort and ergonomic integrity which we incorporate with killer design, so our shoes aren't only good for your feet - they look good too.

We pride ourselves on our sustainably sourced hand-finished leather, living wages for our factory workers, and our dedication to the craftsmanship of each shoe.  Our shoes are each named for streets in LA in the hopes that you may travel, on foot, and comfortably, far and wide between them.

Exceptionally Crafted - Minimalistic Footwear
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Handmade, Sandals, United States, 100-199

Deliberate Life Sandals are custom cut to each foot so you always have a perfectly shaped sandal.

Since our first ever pair made in 2014, the goal with Deliberate Life Designs has been to bring custom handcrafted, made-to-order minimalist sport sandals to enthusiasts of all types. Our sandals are great for hardcore runners on trail ultras, ultralight backpackers looking for the lightest weight trail or camp shoes, and barefoot aficionados looking for personalized kicks for everyday comfort.

Minimalist sport sandals, custom made for your feet
Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Handmade, Shoes, Flats, United States, 50-99

Custom, handmade fabric barefoot shoes for women and children. From ballet flats to Mary Jane's to moccasins all of my shoes are made to order in a wide selection of beautiful fabrics with your choice of a leather or rubber sole. You can even send me your own fabric that has a special meaning for you and I can make shoes out of it!

All of my shoes are meticulously handmade with an attention to detail for a truly one of kind, custom shoe.

Custom Handmade Barefoot Minimalist Shoes for Women
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Sandals, United Kingdom, 0-49
Soft leather children's shoes
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Vegan, Sandals, United States, 50-99

Inspired by ancient huarache running sandals, Earth Runners' grounded conductive lacing system combines the benefits of earthing with the functionality of minimalist adventure sandals to offer the closest thing to barefoot.

Company Overview

Our Mission: To help recover our connection with nature and reestablish healthy physical and biological functions.

Earth Runners were created to rewild our lives in response to the typical modern domesticated lifestyle, which is causing numerous health, psychological, and social issues. In congruence with ancestral wisdom, it's apparent that we need to incorporate more simple nature-based lifestyle practices and outsource less of our life to modern technology. Through rewilding we aim to bring stronger, healthier, and more resilient individuals and communities back to our society.

Together with top health pioneers & primitive experts, we have created comfortable, primal-approved earthing adventure sandals to help restore our relationship with nature and to rediscover our primal roots. Our grounded minimalist sandals preserve the ancient freedom of barefoot and bring you closer to Nature, one step at a time.

Free your feet, Rewild your sole

Free your feet, rewild your sole
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Vegan, Sandals, Spain, 0-49, 50-99
Sandals for running and whatever comes up
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Handmade, Custom Fit, Shoes, Boots, United Kingdom, 100-199, 200-299
Handmade Boots, Shoes & Such
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Cyprus , 100-199

Let’s make barefoot shoes cool!We are a Cyprus based company with the vision of developing a new generation of unisex barefoot shoes, that are not only healthy and comfortable but also amazingly good-looking. The launch of our 1st model is scheduled for early 2019.

No compromise between functionality and style.
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Finland, 50-99, 100-199

While walking barefoot on the sandy beach of Lake Maaninka (Finland), feeling the sand and small pebbles under their feet, the Pulkka-family had an idea: Get back to the natural movement of the foot.

They realized that one of the basics of the human's wellbeing is healthy feet.

Feelmax was founded 1993, and the mission was (and still is) to provide products for healthier feet – to feel better. The first products were toesocks. In 2005 a top-level Finnish snowboarder  ( satisfied user of the Feelmax toesocks), contacted us asking for shoes simulating barefoot walking.  The snowboarder needed barefoot-shoes for his balance-related training. Suddenly the old idea of Lake Maaninka-footprints woke up again.

The first Feelmax barefoot shoes were produced in 2006. They were revolutionary featuring an ultrathin (1mm thin) Kevlar-reinforced rubber outsole. While end-users were very happy (despite early "teething problems" in the first generation sole material), the shoe retailers were reluctant to put Feelmax shoes on their shelves. Old habits die hard. All sport shoes that they were selling featured some kind of impact absorbing cushioning and arch supports, etc. The "high technology" in this cushioning was their sales argument.

Fortunately the public is now discovering the truth. Many studies and investigations coming from universities around the globe conclude that there is no scientific evidence that artificial shock absorption built into our shoes really is beneficial to us. The studies revealed the fact that the human body already has a perfect shock absorption system of its own (we call it “NIS – Natural Impact System”). In the USA, a barefoot boom began after Christopher McDougall published his bestseller book “Born to Run” in 2009. We were walking barefoot for 4 million years,  then for a few hundred years in strange things called “shoes.” Now we are returning back to our roots and Mother Nature’s perfect design!

The natural way to move is back!

Boots, Sandals, Shoes, Wellies

Mens, Womens, Unisex

Business/Formal, Casual

Handmade, Real Leather, Water Resistant, Zero Drop, Extra Wide

We are a barefoot shoe company, with aim to make barefoot shoes mainstream, we are also working on preserving the age old tradition of shoe making in India . FeetSutra creates quality products which are handcrafted and made in small batche.
Art of walking
Womens, Casual, Formal, Zero Drop, Flats, United States, 0-49
Foldable flats perfect for weddings, events & travel.
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, United States, 0-49

Less is more. The authentic barefoot feel ensures extreme comfort to complement a healthy lifestyle and the pursuit of passion. FITKICKS are ultra-light, flexible and form-fitting with minimalist design; perfect for low-impact workouts, relief from clunky sneakers or high heels and all-around kickback companion. Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Aerial Dance/Fitness classes. Easy fold-and-go transport makes them ideal for any active lifestyle.

Empower everyone to reach their full movement potential.

We set out to design the most minimal comfort and support possible, without the restriction of wearing shoes. So we created a new category of footwear inspired by reusable materials and sustainable practices. We developed the world's first 3D Recovery Sock com

The Most Advanced 3D Recovery Socks Ever

Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slip-ons, Croatia, 0-49

Anatomic, natural, playful and fun children's footwear

Sandals, Mens, Unisex, Womens, Hiking, Ankle Strap, Zero Drop, $0 - $50

Decathlon is a family-owned company, founded in 1976, and inspired by the belief that the best sports products should be accessible to everyone.

Forclaz Decathlon
Sport for All, All for Sport
Mens, Casual, Business, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Shoes, Boots, United Kingdom, 200-299, 300

‘My experience as a martial artist made me realise the importance of feeling with my feet. Standard shoes are made for exactly the opposite purpose: not to feel anything. Instead of having the feet trapped in rigid unforgiving boxes, the shoes are made with the understanding that feet need to be treated with the same care with which we treat our hands. My aim is to make gloves for feet. The tabi, split toe Japanese traditional shoe for indoors, is an excellent example of this, as the big toe separated from the rest allows the tendons to do their work, the toes will spread in a natural way preventing bunions and also the tabi provides an excellent sense of balance. My passion for Ninja, Samurai and Japanese culture made me go deeper and deeper in exploring tabi designs. Now I blend that with the barefoot feeling.

In the words of a group of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists (

In an ideal world a shoe should:

  • Be flexible and not rigid, to enable the foot to move as it has evolved to do.
  • It should have a wide toe box (the width of the front of the shoe) so as to not squash the toes together, again to enable them to move and adjust to the ground.
  • It should not have (or have minimal) difference between the height of the heel and the front of the shoe – the heel to toe drop. Most shoes have a higher heel than toe when looked at from the side. The higher the heel, the more posturally compromising the shoe.

It is worth bearing in mind that your foot has more nerve endings than your hand. It has evolved to be incredibly sensitive to inform your body of what you are walking on, enabling you to balance. Each step you take initiates a cascade of muscular contractions that start at your foot, works up and across your body and ends in your opposite arm. You need your foot to be able to be receptive and to move naturally to enable this to occur.

Just like any part of the body, the foot muscles and nervous system will get deconditioned if not allowed to function properly.

Barefoot leather shoes and leather tabi handmade
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Handmade, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Spain, 100-199, 50-99
GEA, our great mother earth.
The ground we step on and who gift us with endless resources


The perception of our environment
and the exchange of sensations and energy with the ground

Are qualities and knowledge we have forgotten and lost as time passed and our modern society changed everything.

That is the reason we need to begin with our own roots: our feet.

Those are the contact with the Earth, those resposible to stand up our body. That is the reason it is important to know their true capacities and needs.



Gea Soles was born as a need to fulfill this knowledge  

Creating a kind of footwear almost unexplored in currently, whose principles are listed below:        

- EARTHING / GROUNDING capacity(selecting leather sole)

It is also important to note the way Gea Soles shoes are made:

-HIGHT QUALITY MATERIALS respectful with the environment and health of the wearer.


The key is to achieve a healthy product, freeing your feet and letting them to develop their qualities.
All those virtues without putting aside the aesthetics of an attractive and original shoe.

Barefoot/Pure Minimalist & Earthing/Grounding Handmade Shoes

Unisex, Hiking, Road Running, Trail Running, Custom Fitted, Handmade, Vegan, Zero Drop, Water Resistant, Sandals, BR,

Small company that produces handcraft customized size sandals

Brazilian sandal designer

Handmade, Vegan, Zero Drop, Real Leather, Plastic Free/Recycled Plastic, Custom Fitted, Extra Wide, Extra Large Sizes

Maximum barefoot feeling, made from regional products. Organic leather or vegan woodleather on top of a recycled rubbersole with many options in lace colors, lacing techniques and pearls&charms. Good to your feet and your planet!
Barefoot Sandal meets sustainable, organic and recycled.

Sandals, Boots, Shoes Womens, Toddlers (ages 1-3), Kids (ages 3-13) Casual Zero Drop, Handmade, Real Leather

Ginger Shoes is a Romanian shoe brand for children and adults and which wants to offer freedom of movement, growth and exploration. The shoes are designed for comfort, are practical, easy to wear and friendly to the sensitive skin of children.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, Socks, Sandals, Slip-ons, Germany, 100-199, 200-299, 300

GoSt-Barefoots specializes in the development of stainless steel equipment for outdoor activities for optimal body protection in sports and leisure. Open to the environment and without restricting movements, the flexible ring mesh protects against injuries. The more natural the environment, the more clearly you can feel the effect of the Paleos®. Among other things, we manufacture gloves, shoes and protectors from stainless steel ring mesh.

Chainmail shoes for the great outdoors.


Unisex, Womens, Teen (ages 13-18)

Casual, Business/Formal

Handmade, Real Leather, Zero Drop

All sandals are high quality, original Greek handmade of genuine leather and very comfortable. Every design is unique and it is result of many hous of work. I can make it with small heel or BAREFOOT I make Custom Orders
Quality Handmade Greek Sandals!!!!!!
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Formal, Vegan, Handmade, Custom Fit, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, United Kingdom, 200-299, 100-199
Handmade shoes, boots and sandals.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Germany, 100-199

With GROUNDIES® your feet will feel what it means to move naturally. Only as much shoe as needed - our mission is minimalism. We want to stand with both our feet on the ground, but still keep up to date.

As a consequence the production of our GROUNDIES® barefoot shoes combines high-tech design and traditional shoemaking skills. At the same time we are well aware of our social responsibility. GROUNDIES® are made entirely in the EU: design and soles are from Germany, the shoes are stitched in Portugal. This way, we ensure that the working conditions in production meet the highest standards. It is only through our know-how and belief in barefoot shoes, a wealth of experience and the best materials that we are able to create this unique and top-quality shoe.

The human foot is a masterpiece. For it to function, 26 bones as well as joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments have to work together perfectly. And that's what they usually do naturally - if you let them.

We want to allow our feet to work naturally. That's why we at GROUNDIES® focus on the very basics. Our shoes only offer what is absolutely necessary to protect your feet from injuries and the weather. What is unique about our barefoot shoes is their wide fit, the flat and flexible sole and the light and elastic material. GROUNDIES® want to give your feet the freedom to move in a healthy way.

Our goal was to create a shoe that is 100% functional, that is fun to wear in any situation and that also looks great. With GROUNDIES® you will feel at ease and take every step comfortably and confidently.

Urban Barefootware: Love your feet again
Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Sandals, Germany, 100-199

We make great looking and comfortable shoes for women who want to feel free and be ready for anything any time.

HIGH FEELS are for people who know that you can only be chic if you feel absolutely free and comfortably.

Beautiful, minimal sandals.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Zero Drop, Shoes, United States, 50-99
Shoes made by hand in the Southwest USA
Mens, Business, Formal, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, United States, 100-199

After a back injury cut short his professional football career, Rory needed to trade in the cleats for a pair of dress shoes, necessary for the 9-5 life.

While he had worn dress shoes before, it did not take long to rediscover that traditional dress shoe design is terrible for (former) athletes.

Built narrow and stiff with just enough of a heel to throw off your alignment, there is nothing comfortable, nor functional, about the way dress shoes are made.

This makes for an uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, experience.

So, in order to survive the workday, Rory needed of a pair of zero-drop dress shoes (i.e. dress shoes without heels) that did not completely reset the 14 months he spent adhering to a barefoot rehab plan.

Not finding a viable solution to fill his need for comfortable, zero drop dress shoes, Rory set out to design his own.

The result: the original “zero drop dress shoes.”

Zero-Drop Dress Shoes. Crafted in Italy. Damn Comfortable.
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Japan, 0-49
The best choice.

Sandals, Tabis Unisex, Teen (ages 13-18) Casual, Watersports, Workout/Gym Waterproof, Vegan, Real Leather, Grounded

iGUANEYE is a minimal footwear company bringing barefoot comfort so you can feel grounded. Our inspiration came from the tales of the Amazonian Indians who would dip their feet in the latex from trees to protect them.
Comfort everywhere.
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, United Kingdom, 100-199

Born in the UK in 2003, inov-8 manufactures specialist sports products in the all terrain running and performance training markets. Renowned for designing lightweight footwear boasting the ultimate in grip, inov-8's shoes can be found on the feet of the world's most demanding competitors and adventurous athletes.

Innovative Running, Training & Hiking Footwear
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Canada, 0-49
Lovingly designed with a baby’s sense of touch in mind
Mens, Womens, Casual, Business, Formal, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Vegan, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Germany, 100-199, 200-299

Joe Nimble footwear is multifunctional footwear. Designed to combine the health benefits of being barefoot with the performance and comfort benefits of a shoe; Joe Nimble takes the human foot beyond barefoot.

Free your toes and the rest will follow. This was the simple idea born from Christian Bär more than 30 years ago. He created a new breed of shoe that balanced the natural shape of your foot with high-quality German craftsmanship.

Now, the next generation of the Bär family has refined the idea of “toe freedom” with Joe Nimble – a collection of fashion-forward and innovative shoes for anyone who confidently blazes their own trail. The finest full-grain leather, featherlight flexible rubber and breezily breathable microfiber all come together to create an experience like your feet have never felt. What’s the secret? A wider toe box for maximum feel and balance, joined together with a Zero Heel for instinctually perfect posture. The time has come to be Nimble with everything you do. So, spread those toes and align yourself with a decidedly different shoe ‐ Joe Nimble.

Functional footwear.
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Wellies, Canada, 0-49

With a heritage of comfort and quality, a pair of Kamiks can turn whatever weather into perfect conditions to step outside.

Free your play.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Sandals, United States, 50-99
Handcrafted Eco Minimalist Shoes
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Slovakia, 50-99

These are handmade shoes modelled on huarache sandals used by Indians in the Copper Canyons of Mexico. To learn more about the canyons, read a book by Christopher McDougall - Born to Run .

Handmade Slovak sandals
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Germany, 100-199

Leguano barefoot shoes were designed in Germany by a group of movement specialists and barefoot professionals. After experiencing the negative effects of running in stiff shoes with maximal support, they began researching the benefits of running barefoot. They found that after a gradual and safe transition to running barefoot, people (including themselves) commonly experienced less injuries and pain associated with running.

Despite the company’s initial focus being on barefoot “running shoes”, their ultimate goal was to help improve the health and well-being of the entire human population. Therefore, they came together and began creating a new type of footwear – A top quality and stylish barefoot shoe that would allow everyone to enjoy the freedom and comfort of being barefoot!

Leguanos are designed to protect the wearer’s feet without restricting their full range of motion. The uppers are made with kunert-twisted fabric which contributes to the following characteristics:
* Elasticity: the upper material expands to fit comfortably snug and returns to its original shape when you take them off
* Breathability: the material combination does not suffocate your feet, but instead effectively allows them to breath
* Lightweight: without the added weight of thick shoes they are extremely comfortable and great for travel
* Moisture-wicking: Any sweat or water is not absorbed or trapped in the shoe but is forced to the outside
* Quick-drying: They dry very quick on and off the feet (especially the “sneaker style”)
* Antibacterial: the material fights bacteria keeping them fresher for longer

The wear-resistant soles are made of 100% Lifolit® - a highly flexible material that allows your feet to move freely. It is also very durable and provides protection from most sharp materials, including broken glass. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, and camping. The soles are also slip-resistant, making them ideal for use on hardwood floors, in the gym, and for various water sports (ex. Boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, sea dooing..etc).

Finally, leguanos are machine-washable!! Follow these simple instructions to clean your shoes and prolong their life:
* Place in a mesh bag
* Use a warm or cold wash
* Do not use fabric softener
* Air dry

Leguano barefoot shoes are truly ground-breaking. Their unique combination of functionality, quality, and style sets them apart from other barefoot shoe brands.

Free your feet and go barefoot with German-made leguanos!!

German-made barefoot running shoes 👣
Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Real Leather, Shoes, United States, 100-199
Fashionable barefoot-inspired shoes for women juggling life.
Kids, Casual, Formal, Zero Drop, Shoes, Sandals, United States, 0-49
Minimalist shoes for your Little Bug
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slip-ons, United Kingdom, 0-49

At Livie and Luca we recognize that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. At this time we turn both inward – nurturing our inner light, and outward – bringing that light to community for connection and support.

Adorable shoes for adorable feet Baby to Youth.
Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Custom Fit, Sandals, Germany, 100-199
The barefoot sandal with absolute toe clearance
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Handmade, Shoes, Boots, Slip-ons, Sandals, Czechia, 100-199

Everyone gets to write their own story in life, and this is mine.

Perhaps you're wondering who the vision is behind the LukShoes brand? It’s me, Lenka Luksova, but not just me alone, because I would never have been able to make it without the help of my family who have been in this venture with me right from the word go. They are my father - Vaclav, mother - Monika, and my brother - Vaclav Luks jr. We all work hard on the new designs for our shoes putting our heads together daily, helping one another and offering valuable advice for which I’m very thankful. I can say for both myself and my whole family that this work gives us a sense of fulfilment, and it is your orders and interest in our shoes that (literally!) put a spring in our step and keep us on our toes - day in, day out.

My journey to Barefoot footwear: my passion, my life.

Back in 2016 when I signed up for Pilates lessons, I got talking to the instructor and it was she who first told me about Barefoot footwear. That got me interested and I thought I would give it a try, so I bought my first Bf shoes, and soon found myself hooked on the Barefoot walking concept.

In the course of time, people around me also started wearing Bf shoes, but we found that there wasn't much to choose from on the market. And that was when I had my Eureka moment: “Hey - Barefoot shoes! What if I started making my own?”

It was not long after that our shoes as you now know them first saw the light of day. The first ones were the summer sandals. I spent many long days and weeks creating my shoe designs, finding out what worked and what didn't, and following them through.

One of my strong characteristics is not to give up, and I also take that as my mantra. I’m very grateful to my father for his experience gained by many years of practice that drives my quest day by day to my long-term goal, which is a healthy style of footwear for everybody.

And that, my friends, is the story. It's my story and the story of my family that is constantly developing. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this.

THANK YOU on behalf of the LukShoes team, Lenka

With love and care in our own family workshop
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, United States, 50-99

Founded by Barefoot Ted in 2010, LUNA Sandals grew from the belief that better doesn’t have to mean more complicated, and that applying passion brings forth amazing results. LUNA Sandals are inspired by people’s innate need and desire to explore and grow. Sometimes simpler is better.

As a rapidly growing team, we responsibly hand craft our sandals in the heart of Seattle, WA to create lightweight, minimalist, highly adjustable sandals for trail running, hiking, traveling, kayaking, adventuring and people who love life. We support those living their dreams and inspiring others to do the same.

We seek out premium materials, and craft them into thoughtfully designed footwear so you can live your adventures. We constantly monitor, tweak, innovate, and listen to bring the best products to our amazing tribe. Like surfers make surfboards, we make LUNAs.

Ultimate Trail and Adventure Sandals
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Running, Zero Drop, Vegan, Handmade, Shoes, Sandals, Boots, Poland, 50-99, 100-199
Handmade, impossibly flexible and extremly barefoot shoes.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Japan, 50-99, 100-199
Time-tested, signature Japanese footwear
Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, United States, 50-99, 100-199

To inspire the outdoor athlete in everyone with products at the horizon of performance & style. Let’s get Outside!

Who are we? We’re 30 years of outdoor enthusiasts. We’re hikers, bikers, runners, kayakers, campers and explorers. We’re everything outdoors, both natural and urban. So let’s get outside and play, race, sail, and hike - It’s really up to you - the athlete in you.

We believe the trail is for everyone. Join us outside.
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Wellies, Denmark, 0-49
Functional quality outerwear for active children aged 0-16
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, Spain, 50-99
Respect the shape and natural movement of your feet
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Handmade, Shoes, Boots, United States, 50-99
Baby Beaded Moccasins, The Feel Of Being Barefoot
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Poland, 0-49

Welcome to Monk Sandals - the first hand-made minimalist running sandals producer in Poland. The aim of the Company is to create sandals which will fulfill the needs of the most demanding users. By using the highest quality materials we created high endurance sandals while keeping the weight at minimum. Thus, while wearing Monk Sandals you will feel satisfaction, comfort and the feeling of lightness and nature with every step you make.

Monk Sandals

are light, endure and comfortable sandals. The inspiration to create that type of footwear comes from going back to the philosophy of nature and desire to design sandals which can be used on every occasion. Thanks to their unique properties you can use them for running, trekking or walking in the city. Exclusive design and carefully chosen materials provide you with the natural feel when you move, while fully protecting your sole.

Producer of running sandals
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Handmade, Shoes, Slip-ons, United States, 0-49

Our design is absolutely unique! We have spent countless hours and effort forming our patterns and all the bonus add on features to make sure that you are getting the top of the line handmade product with the best quality out there!

Home of the ORIGINAL Tough Toes design and Aqua Mox!
Mens, Womens, Casual, Vegan, Zero Drop, Shoes, Portugal, 100-199

We are Madlen & Marta, the founders and designers of Mukishoes.

When we conceived our brand in 2018, our goal was to create a healthy and minimalist shoe, that looked great and was entirely made of natural materials.

The combination of our knowledge as designer, dancer, yogi, nature lover and traveller was the start of an enriching journey, which brought us finally to our comfortable, versatile and stylish barefoot shoes.

We launched our brand through a crowdfunding campaign which was successfully funded in the beginning of 2019. Since then we keep working hard for finding the best materials and designs for our shoes, for the environment and for you!

Shoes designed for human feet
MerryGo Merch
Mens, Womens, Casual, Hiking, Running, Insole, , United States, 50-99

Our insoles are the only sensory insole on the market that are thin enough to be worn in any shoe or on top of an existing arch support or orthotics. The unique texture of the Naboso Insoles can improve foot strength and balance.

Movement is life, life is sensory
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Custom Fit, Sandals, Czechia, 50-99
Handmade minimalist Nall sandals.
Mens, Womens, Running, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, United States, 100-199

New Balance has been Fearlessly Independent since 1906. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is unwavering. We don't answer to anyone but our customers. And we won't back down, despite incredible obstacles. We don't want to be the biggest. We want to be the best. We do it our own way, and we declare that's the only way we'll ever do it.  

Fearlessly Independent Since 1906
In nummulit we believe that a great footwear is the one that protects the feet and does not constitute an obstacle in the performance of their functions. For this we make minimalist footwear with the following characteristics: Flexible, thin sole, rounded toebox, zero-drop an minimum weight.
Minimalist footwear | casual, urban and sporty style

Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Vegan, Zero Drop, Insole, Shoes, Spain, 50-99

In nummulit we believe that a great footwear is the one that protects the feet and does not constitute an obstacle in the performance of their functions. For this we make minimalist footwear with the following characteristics: Flexible, thin sole, rounded toebox, zero-drop an minimum weight.

Minimalist footwear | casual, urban and sporty style
Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, Sandals, Flats, United States, 50-99, 100-199
Healthy by Design. Shoes for Women, by Women!
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, World, 50-99
Barefoot inspired.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Finland, 50-99, 100-199

The father of OTZSHOES, Ludo Malmoux, got his inspiration from the shoes of ÖTZI the Iceman who lived over 5000 years ago. When the iceman was found from the Ötztal Alps in 1991, he was fully clothed and wearing one of the oldest pair of shoes ever discovered.

Ötzi’s skin was decorated with tattoos, which the logo of OTZSHOES mimics. Inspired by Ötzi’s hand-made and hardwearing shoes, Ludo and his partners have successfully transformed the idea to the 21st century by redesigning the iceman’s iconic shoe to incorporate today’s trend, comfort and technology.

Inspired by the oldest shoe ever found.

Mens, Womens, Unisex, Hiking, Road Running, Trail Running, Casual, Custom Fitted, Extra Large Sizes, Extra Wide, Handmade, Sandals, GB

I’m Matt Paisley. Since 1993, I’ve been a high school teacher, cross country coach, and an avid runner. Up until 10 years ago, I was running in standard shoes, and constantly endured injuries and discomfort. Then came the last straw - a herniated disc in my lower back. Heel striking in shoes became unbearable.  I found relief in sandals.

Custom sandals. Handmade from a trace.