Urban Barefootware: Love your feet again
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$151 - $200
Urban Barefootware: Love your feet again

With GROUNDIES® your feet will feel what it means to move naturally. Only as much shoe as needed - our mission is minimalism. We want to stand with both our feet on the ground, but still keep up to date.

As a consequence the production of our GROUNDIES® barefoot shoes combines high-tech design and traditional shoemaking skills. At the same time we are well aware of our social responsibility. GROUNDIES® are made entirely in the EU: design and soles are from Germany, the shoes are stitched in Portugal. This way, we ensure that the working conditions in production meet the highest standards. It is only through our know-how and belief in barefoot shoes, a wealth of experience and the best materials that we are able to create this unique and top-quality shoe.

The human foot is a masterpiece. For it to function, 26 bones as well as joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments have to work together perfectly. And that's what they usually do naturally - if you let them.

We want to allow our feet to work naturally. That's why we at GROUNDIES® focus on the very basics. Our shoes only offer what is absolutely necessary to protect your feet from injuries and the weather. What is unique about our barefoot shoes is their wide fit, the flat and flexible sole and the light and elastic material. GROUNDIES® want to give your feet the freedom to move in a healthy way.

Our goal was to create a shoe that is 100% functional, that is fun to wear in any situation and that also looks great. With GROUNDIES® you will feel at ease and take every step comfortably and confidently.

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