Simple, Vegan-friendly barefoot shoes.
Kids (ages 3-13)
Road Running
Zero Drop
$101 - $150
$151 - $200
Simple, Vegan-friendly barefoot shoes.

We make 2 styles of ‘minimal’ shoes, 4+1 ‘split-toe’ and 5in1 ‘toes together’. Our 4+1 split toe shoes have a separate pocket for the big toe which gives a little more ‘glove-like’ feel, whilst our 5in1 shoes have all toes together, like traditional shoes. Both styles are flexible, roomy to allow toes to spread, have no heels and allow feeling from the ground, all to achieve the same ‘barefoot-like’ result and they tend to be worn interchangeably. Largely it’s a matter of personal preference!

Sometimes we might want or need to move on a harder suface or for a longer time/distance and for this we use a thin layer of advanced shock absorbing material such as PORON or ORTHOLITE. This does not affect the ‘barefoot-like’ nature of the shoe, but can prevent the foot soreness which you can get with such harder use.

We are a small but fast growing niche footwear business based in North Yorkshire, UK. We made our first shoes in 2011.

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