Minimalist sandals for running, trekking and adventure.
Road Running
Zero Drop
$101 - $150
Minimalist sandals for running, trekking and adventure.

Aborigen Sandals  is a brand of multi-adventure outdoor sandals, but with a revolutionary minimalist design and with different benefits depending on the model. Handcrafted one by one in an artisan way with modern materials, high resistance and quality mountain equipment materials, with the prestigious Vibram brand for the sole. An outdoor shoe highly recommended for minimalist running, also for trekking or for having the greatest adventures in nature.

Since 2005 we have been dedicated to creating sandal designs for different clients, always wanting to innovate and provide practical services and quality materials. Lovers of the mountains and excursions realized that a type of light, flexible and resistant footwear was missing for a type of outdoor activity and multidisciplinary outdoor sports. Investigating we realized that sandals could be made with what we had on hand when going out to the mountain such as high resistance tapes, backpack closings etc ... After several prototypes and tests, always with the best materials and checking the designs in extreme terrains , we decided to launch  Aborigen Sandals  in order to share our product with everyone and invite them to feel authentic aborigines.

These sandals are made by hand one by one under previous order, in a traditional way as it has been done since always, it is one of the oldest crafts in the world. We use the materials in a revolutionary way and their benefits, inspired by the tribal footwear of different peoples of the world, specifically, the Tarahumara and their Huaraches.

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