Running Pad
Less shoe is not possible!
Road Running
Zero Drop
Custom Fitted
$151 - $200
Less shoe is not possible!

For those who love barefoot as the most original form of transportation, but want to avoid dirty soles, cuts and angled looks! The runningpad is an ultra minimalist and elegant “barefoot shoe”, made from a piece of thin leather, without seam, rivets and glue. With fine straps, the leather sole hugs the foot like a second skin.

Each custom-made fullsoul running pad is unique, made to fit the individual foot shape. The minimal shoe is cut out of a piece of thin, resistant cowhide (100% vegetable tanned) using a computer-controlled cutting plotter and finished by hand. It weighs ultra-light 70 g with shoe size 43 and medium leather thickness. With its refined, elegant design, the fullsoul runningpad 2016/17 won the ISPO Award in the outdoor segment.

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