Zero-Drop Dress Shoes. Crafted in Italy. Damn Comfortable.
Zero Drop
$151 - $200
Zero-Drop Dress Shoes. Crafted in Italy. Damn Comfortable.

After a back injury cut short his professional football career, Rory needed to trade in the cleats for a pair of dress shoes, necessary for the 9-5 life.

While he had worn dress shoes before, it did not take long to rediscover that traditional dress shoe design is terrible for (former) athletes.

Built narrow and stiff with just enough of a heel to throw off your alignment, there is nothing comfortable, nor functional, about the way dress shoes are made.

This makes for an uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, experience.

So, in order to survive the workday, Rory needed of a pair of zero-drop dress shoes (i.e. dress shoes without heels) that did not completely reset the 14 months he spent adhering to a barefoot rehab plan.

Not finding a viable solution to fill his need for comfortable, zero drop dress shoes, Rory set out to design his own.

The result: the original “zero drop dress shoes.”

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