We would like to help change the perception of "normal" footwear. We are certainly not alone in this - there are more good brands and we are also working to change people's thinking not only about the health of the feet, but of the whole body. Because in the human body everything is related to everything. We are reaching out to the world of barefoot stores who are excited about the new brand as it expands the current footwear offering. Our shoes have a timeless design that appeals to a wider range of customers. Otherwise, ballerinas and children's shoes will soon be shown to the world.

The entire shoe is made in the Czech Republic, but not only from Czech materials. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ensure long-term serial production using materials from the Czech Republic. However, all materials are actually produced (not just imported) in the EU. We collect the leather in a Czech tannery, the cows come from free pastures. Did you know that cows are not killed for their leather? Using leather is essentially waste processing. Nowadays, a lot of cow hide ends up in incinerators, so we are happy that at least some of it will be used for further processing.

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