Earth Sole

Handcrafted Grounding Footwear - comfortable barefootshoes that are good for planet, body and sole

Our Story

In December 2020, Earth Sole's journey began. It all started when my friend Sarah handed me repurposed leather. I had recently watched the documentary "Kiss The Ground," and found myself drawn to the concept of "grounding." Holding the leather in my hand, I thought about how special it would be to create my own shoes, allowing me to stay in contact with the healthy energy of Mother Nature.

Throughout the following year, I continued being surprised by the interest my shoes got when I wore them myself. Despite having no experience in either leather or shoemaking, and recognizing the numerous benefits of the shoes, the idea of starting of making them for others too…

Fast forward to May 2022, I had moved back to Cape Town, and started looking for repurposed leather and for people to help me with the intricate 2-hour process of crafting a pair. I started measuring many people's feet, on both markets and parties and I continuously improved the designs made, again, by fitting them on people’s feet.

I started creating a small team, with locals that would work from home, in their own time and at their own pace. Although we do have a small studio in Cape Town, our ladies still work in their own space.

Today, we celebrate our journey toward crafting comfortable, high-quality footwear that inspires a healthier life. Thank you for joining our journey, which started with a single pair of shoes and has now touched the feet and hearts of people worldwide.

Warm regards,

Anouk Anansi - Founder of Earth Sole


Healthy: Our shoes maintain the natural contours of your feet, and through the leather soles, acupuncture points below your feet get activated which energizes your body.


Comfortable: Our soft leather molds to the unique shape of your feet.


Grounding: Leather soles keep you connected to the Earth's energy.


Light & Pliable: Perfect for any adventure, our shoes are light and flexible.


Sustainable: Top and back sections are crafted from leather offcuts, reducing environmental impact.


Durable: Leather's natural strength ensures long-lasting quality.


Authentic: Handmade with care, each pair tells its own story.

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