The best looking, minimalist dress shoe.
Zero Drop
$51 - $100
The best looking, minimalist dress shoe.

Carets are shoes with timeless Real Style, interchangeable with multiple outfits and situations formal and casual, and provide you with Real Comfort throughout. Now take these benefits, and multiply them. Not only are they resoleable, but they are backed by our full recrafting service which will restore your shoes to better-than-new, years later, for a fraction of the cost. All this at no risk, because we’ve got you covered with free returns and exchanges for 365-days. You’re not getting shoes. You’re getting tens of thousands of hours of game time, looking sharp and feeling great at the same time.

1. Timeless design that will never go out of style.
2. Resoleable. The sole is usually the first thing to wear out, and that would end the life of lesser shoes. Our shoes can be resoled, extending the life of your investment, and bringing the cost per wear down, saving you in the long run over cheap shoes.
3. Proudly made in Wisconsin by the craftsmen of Weinbrenner, continuing its 120-year heritage of high caliber footwear for everyday heroes.
4. Made with full-grain American leather: supple, strong, and beautiful.
5. Shoe horns, cotton shoe bags, & cedar shoe trees--the essentials of shoe care--included free with every pair.

And that’s not even mentioning the crowning achievement: the highest intersection of sleek dress style and natural foot comfort.

The 4 key features of natural comfort are 1. No raised heel, 2. Light & flexible sole, 3. Roomy toebox, 4. No arch disruption.

The 4 key features of professional dress shoes are 1. Raised heel, 2. Heavy & stiff sole, 3. Slim toebox, 4. Arched in midfoot.

Natural barefoot comfort and professional dress are complete opposites. But for the uncompromising man, they need to somehow exist in one shoe. Enter the Primal Professional.

We bridged the natural and the dressy with 4 solutions:
1. Hollow out the heel, so it appears raised but the foot sits flat inside.
2. Get rid of excessive material, and choose light and flexible.
3. Accommodate the widest part of the feet--the toes--then taper sharply.
4. Use angled cuts to give the appearance of an arch.

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