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barefoot running technique videos

Ultimate List Of Videos For Learning How To Run Barefoot

Here's the ultimate list of videos that will help learn how to run barefoot and improve your barefoot running technique.

minimalist barefoot chelsea boots alternatives

Best Barefoot Alternatives to Chelsea Boots

I went on a mission to find the best barefoot Chelsea Boot alternatives, and this is what I found…

Golden Toe Award - Barefoot shoes, Minimalist shoes

Best Barefoot/Minimalist Shoes 2021: According to the Community

The votes have been counted, the results are in 🙌These are the best minimalist/barefoot shoes, sandals and boots for 2021 as voted for by the community.

Golden Toe Award - Best Barefoot Shoe Award

Golden Toe Awards 2021

The Golden Toe Awards is a new, annual celebration of minimalist shoes, makers, and the barefoot community.

Correct Toes - Toe Spacers - Barefoot shoes

Toe Spacers: Correct Toes vs. Wild Toes vs. Ballotte

The Toe Spacer Show Off: With modern shoes designed with a taper that cram your toes together, restoring your natural toe splay can be tricky. Here are the three best options for toe spacers to help restore your foots natural position.

Zero Drop Dress Shoes For Women

Best Minimalist Dress Shoes For Women

Dress shoes are notoriously uncomfortable and inflexible but damn they look good. It was a compromise we used to have to make but not anymore. I've put together a comprehensive list of companies that make minimalist dress shoes that have everything you'd normally look for in a barefoot shoe. Enjoy!

Vegan Barefoot Shoes

Vegan Minimalist And Barefoot Shoes - The Complete List

Vegan barefoot shoes can be hard to find! Luckily for you, I spent countless hours scouring the internet for them all to put into this article. Enjoy!

Minimalist running

Cadence and Barefoot Running - Everything You Need To Know

It's not complicated to transition to barefoot running. But it is different and takes work. One of the most impactful differences between barefoot and traditional running is cadence, the number of steps that you take in a certain amount of time while running.

LEMS Minimalist Boots

Every Company Making Zero Drop Boots For Hiking

So you've made the transition to barefoot shoes and now you're looking for a minimalist walking boot for hiking. Thankfully there are lots of options from all over the globe! Here's a complete list of barefoot boots with zero drop

Minimalist shoes for babies

14 Of The Best Minimalist Shoes For Kids In The USA

Nothing is more important than the wellbeing of your kids. That all starts with their foundation... their feet.


4 Essential Features Of Barefoot Shoes

"How can you be barefoot and be in a shoe?", "Does that mean you're not supposed to wear socks with them?". The term 'barefoot shoes' was destined to confuse. Let's unconfuse it... 


Barefoot Running Shoes Made In The USA

The benefits of buying locally are known and, luckily for you, the USA has the highest number of companies making minimalist running shoes. So whether you're looking for men's running sandals or women's running shoes this is the complete list for you.

Barefoot Dress Shoes

Definitive List Of Minimalist Dress Shoes For Men

Remember when finding barefoot or minimalist dress shoes was an impossible task? Me too.The great thing now is there are a lot of options for men looking for a smarter, more formal barefoot shoe for work or any other formal occasion.


What are Zero Drop shoes - A Beginner's Guide

You've been walking around in high heels your whole life. As a woman, that may not come as a surprise to you, but as a guy, it might. It did for me.