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July 26, 2023

Ultimate Barefoot Gift Guide For Barefoot Shoe Lovers - 2021

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As a self-proclaimed barefoot shoe nerd and barefoot runner, I know how hard it can be to shop for me. So I created this barefoot shopping guide to help people choose the perfect barefoot inspired gift for their loved ones! I sure you'll find something they will love to receive here.

Barefoot Socks 🧦

Socks are perhaps the most classic of gifts you can buy someone. But to a barefoot shoe enthusiast, socks can be extra special. Socks can make just as much of a difference as shoes in allowing your toes to be as natural and straight as they should be.

Here's a list of the best socks to wear with barefoot shoes 🧦

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Toe Spacers 👣

Toe spacers fit around your toes encouraging them to move towards their natural alignment. They're designed to counter-act the negative effects of wearing conventionally shaped footwear. They're a great addition for anyone looking to improve foot health.

Here's our list of the best toe spacers out there 👣

barefoot shoes | minimalist shoes | zero drop shoes

Foot Massage Balls 🎱

Giving your feet a massage has lots of benefits including stress relief, pain relief, injury prevention and improved blood circulation. Regular foot rolling will improve the mobility of your feet, which influences how your knees, hips, and spine align. Perfectly in line with the goals of any barefooter!

Here are the top 3 recommendations:

  • TFC Cork Ball - This massage ball comes as part of a kit along with toe spacers! Everything you need to fix your feet and restore them to a pain-free, strong, and natural state.
  • Tune Up Balls - Has a special grip and grab texture on it that allows you to precisely target a variety of aches and pains throughout your body especially on the feet.
  • Massage Balls - These spiked balls are made of durable, firm solid rubber to withstand any body weight. The high dense spike ball reaches deeper into the fascia for tension release and will be your ultimate body massager therapy ball and foot roller.

barefoot shoes | minimalist shoes | zero drop shoes

Sensory Mats 🏔️

Sensory mats are designed to stimulate the foot's nervous system and provide us with a varied surface that most of us are missing in our lives! These textured mats can be used all over the home in every situation just like under a standing desk, next to the kitchen sink, in your hallway and more.

Here's our list of the best sensory mats out there 🏔️

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Balance Beams & Boards 🤸

Beautiful and practical, balance beams and boards are an awesome gift to have in your living space. They provide a fun way to work on hip stability, ankle and foot mobility, and help to increase body awareness and balance.

Here's our list of the best balance beams and boards 🤸

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Barefoot Books 📚

There are a lot of really amazing books that focus on everything barefoot, from running, walking and simply living a more natural balanced lifestyle. We've compiled an ultimate list of every barefoot focussed book here and here are our top picks...

Barefoot Shoes 👟

Confident that you know what they like? Go all out and get them a pair of barefoot shoes!

We created a filterable list of barefoot shoes so you can easily find the best options. Feel free to check out our Barefoot Shoes Sales & Discounts page to pick up a great deal once you decide on a pair of barefoot shoes!

We also created a detailed sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit.

Here are the best barefoot shoes as voted for by the community in the 2021 Golden Toe Awards...

Shoes 👟

  1. Freet Flex by Freet - 9.7/10
  2. HFS by Xero Shoes - 9.6/10
  3. Primal 2 by LEMS - 9.4/10

Boots 🥾

  1. Freet Mudee by Freet - 10/10
  2. [Boulder Boots by LEMS](https://assets-global.website-files.com/5e9db027ddbd8f00c6226a6c/614afdc7b30e9d6ecf5d7ed4_Untitled design (10).png) - 9.6/10
  3. Winter Barefoot by Be Lenka - 9.0/10

Sandals 👣

  1. Z-Trail by Xero Shoes - 9.7/10
  2. Circadian Adventure by Earth Runners - 9.5/10
  3. Z-Trek by Xero Shoes - 9.3/10

Kids 👶

  1. Chelsea Boots by Paperkrane - 9.6/10
  2. Primus Knit Wool Kids by Vivobarefoot - 9.0/10

Custom Barefoot Shoes & Boots 📏

Probably not the most budget-friendly option but damn they're a great gift.

A pair of custom barefoot shoes are amazing and, if looked after well, can last a lifetime! Nothing beats a shoe that's made for YOU.

Check out our list of Custom Barefoot Shoe Makers here by selecting the 'Custom Fit' filter in the sidebar.

barefoot shoes | minimalist shoes | zero drop shoes

Barefoot House Slippers 😍

Slippers are one of the most classic gifts out there, perhaps only beaten by socks!

There are a lot of great barefoot slipper options out there, here are our top 10 picks...

barefoot shoes | minimalist shoes | zero drop shoes

Online Courses 💻

‍Online e-courses are a great gift for those who need a little more structure and guidance in their efforts to move better.

Here's our list of the best online courses for barefoot enthusiasts 💻

barefoot shoes | minimalist shoes | zero drop shoes

Local Fitness Classes 🧘

If they're a more 'in-person' type of guy or gal, then getting them access to a physical class is a great idea, especially if it's something they wanted to try for a while!

Here are some ideas to look locally for...

  • Gym Membership
  • Class pass at a studio for Yoga, Pilates, etc
  • Massage gift voucher

You can also consult our directory of experts who all have a barefoot ethos.

Homemade DIY Barefoot Gifts 💡

For most people, handmade gifts are better than bought gifts. They're also much more budget-friendly!

Here is a list of ideas that you can make at home for free or very low cost 💡

barefoot shoes | minimalist shoes | zero drop shoes


Hopefully, this comprehensive list of gift ideas for people who are interested in barefoot shoes helps you out!

If you have any great ideas we missed or if you make any of the DIY gifts, tag us on Instagram, we'd love to see them 😍

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