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February 21, 2023

DIY Gifts For Barefoot Shoe Lovers: Ideas For Those On A Budget

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For those on a tight budget, trying to find the perfect gift for a significant person in your life can be tricky.

So to help, I've put together a shortlist of ideas that you can make at home free or very low cost! If you try any of these or have any other ideas, I'd love to see them on Instagram.

Plus, handmade gifts are wayyyy better than anything you can buy... at least in my opinion.

Here's the list:

  • DIY balance beam - here are some ideas!
  • IOU for movement focussed date/event - this could be a hiking trip, climbing session, running date, dance class, skinny dipping or anything else movement-related you can think of! There are printable 'vouchers' online you can use to make it look extra! Like these.
  • DIY sandals from Xero Shoes - not free, but pretty cheap
  • DIY leather balm for shoes - here's one recipe.
  • DIY foot scrub - here's one recipe.
  • DIY bookmark - to go alongside the barefoot movement book you bought them.
  • Handmade slippers - check Ravelry for patterns.
  • DIY floor texture mat

Use the barefoot shoe finder to Find your perfect pair of minimalist shoes  👀

Barefoot Shoe Finder  →
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