Softstar Shoes
Minimal shoes handmade in Oregon.
Ballet Flats
Kids (ages 3-13)
Zero Drop
Custom Fitted
$151 - $200
$101 - $150
Minimal shoes handmade in Oregon.

Softstar Shoes: Strong from the Ground Up

What does Softstar do? We make minimal shoes for happy, healthy feet. Every one of our shoes is handcrafted in the USA in our workshop in Oregon. We work hard to make Softstar a socially and environmentally responsible company, as well as giving a good experience to both our employees and our customers.

Our Core Values

  1. Share the handcrafted experience with our customers: Make unique, beautiful, comfortable and quality footwear while encouraging direct interaction via excellent customer service.
  2. Walk lightly on the earth: Conserve raw materials by thoughtful use. Minimize our environmental footprint with sustainable practices that include reducing waste, reusing and recycling.
  3. Make our workshop a wonderful place to work: A creative, energizing and efficient workspace. An open, honest atmosphere where we work with mutual respect and dignity. A place where our families and community are welcome and integrated.

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