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April 25, 2023

Best Movement Courses: Guided Programs To Strengthen Your Feet

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Firstly, let me say congratulations. The decision to move your body and work on yourself is by far the best investment you can make in your future. Great job.

So now that you've made the decision, perhaps you're looking for a more structured, guided approach to working on strengthening your muscles. I've put together a recommended list of online courses and memberships with a strong focus on natural movement and a 'barefoot ethos'.

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Petra Fisher Movement

Fix Your Feet Boot Camp - Free

Learn to fix your feet, relieve foot pain and create functional, healthy feet that will help you hike a mountain, run a marathon or just walk to get groceries – pain-free.

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Joints For Life 2.0 - $45 USD

The Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) you'll learn in Joints For Life 2.0 are a whole-body exercise system that moves all your major joints in their full range of motion so they stay healthy & feel great.

CARs aims to improve your movement quality, making you better at everything else you do, whether it’s sports, natural movement, yoga or chasing your grandkids around the house.

Plus, CARs can also be used to rehab injuries, as a highly effective warm-up that builds control and fluidity, and as a building block for your mobility training.

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Build Better Feet - $199 USD

Build Better Feet is a systematic, approachable and effective approach to fixing the root causes of foot pain that guarantees to get you on the path to strong, mobile, happy feet.

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Hip Hip Hooray Masterclass - $107 USD

Building strong, mobile hips can help decrease low back pain, improve your knee health, and support pelvic floor function. Plus, of course, it means hips that feel better and are less likely to wear out. Functional, mobile hips are also what you need for a healthy walking technique.

Hip Hip Hooray is a masterclass in building hip mobility based on the Functional Range Conditioning mobility system. You’ll get all the tools you need to build and maintain better hip mobility.

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You'll learn how to build your movement skills & capacity, troubleshoot nagging body issues, and create the resilience & strength you need to follow your dreams at every age! With Take10, you'll learn how to take care of your body with better movement...in bite-sized chunks that actually fit your life. Zero overwhelm, lots of support, and a body that feels amazing!

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Nutritious Movement

Whole Body Biomechanics: Feet, Knees, and Hips - $129 USD

This is an in-depth movement course that focuses on precise exercise instruction for laypeople, athletes, and movement professionals to help everyone move more and better. It will help you learn new ways to move your lower body for more strength and mobility and less discomfort or limitations.

This course doesn't don't flow like a routine/workout but are taught one exercise at a time to show important elements of form assessment you can then apply to 10-minute routines or any other movement programs.

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Natural Movement Fundamentals - $399 USD

This course is a perfect next step for those wanting to build on the smaller movements in Whole Body Biomechanics, those that already move comfortably, or those wanting to pursue a natural movement paradigm that centres on great form and efficiency.

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Virtual Studio Membership - $30/month

If you enjoy breaking down movement into the hows and whys, and you’re looking for regular exercise you can do right in your home, the Virtual Studio Membership is for you. These are truly studio-style classes—with movement, jokes, questions, mistakes, traffic noise, Katy moving out of frame as she walks the classroom, and sometimes a crying baby. If you prefer more polished exercise videos, you should go for one of the courses above.

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Tune Up Fitness

Walking Well - $149 USD

Most of us could use more walking in our lives, but walking can be more complex than we realize. Katy Bowman is also an instructor on this course alongside Jill Miller. They break down the act of walking to help improve gait, gain distance and make every step count for whole-body health & longevity.

The practical applications found in this program were created to help increase your length of walk time, and to take on more challenging distances and terrains. Learn proper form to carry weight, like a backpack, or take on challenging elevation and turf changes via the comfort of your own home.

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Wouldn’t you like to know how to assess your own feet and make good decisions around what exactly they need right now?

This course really gives you a chance to learn about your feet, take ownership of your feet and most importantly take action to restore necessary movement patterns that can have far-reaching effects through your whole body.

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Gait Happens

Foot Health 101 - $35

Designed at an introductory level for anyone to be able to understand, it focuses on why the foot was designed to be both mobile and stable, why we need to be capable of both, and how to start working on it!

The modules include Basic Anatomy of the Foot, The Foot and Its Relationship to The Entire Body, Mobility vs Stability, Mobility Drills to Improve Foot Function, Stability Drills to Improve Foot Function, Footwear Recommendations and Transitioning to Minimalist Footwear.

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Foot Function Membership - $15/month

More focus on how to improve your foot, knee, hip, and spinal health by working on mobility and function for these areas. You will learn about the components of shoes, what defines natural footwear when they are and aren't a good idea, and how to transition into them.

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Natural Movement Fundamentals - $399 USD

This course is a perfect introduction to Natural Movement as it focuses on training the way your body is designed.  It focuses on restoring your body and building your Natural Movement practice “from the ground up.” No matter your experience level – from total novice to experienced mover – you will learn a lot about your body and move much better as a result of taking this e-course.

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Free YouTube Videos

There's a lot of very good, free content on YouTube and we've compiled all of the most highly recommended videos here.

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