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February 21, 2023

Definitive List Of Minimalist Dress Shoes For Men

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Remember when finding a zero drop dress shoe for work was an impossible task? Me too.

The great thing now is there are a lot of options for men looking for a smarter, more formal barefoot dress shoe for work or any other formal occasion.

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Here's a comprehensive list:


Vegan Barefoot and Comfort shoes that are ethically handmade in their own production. Designed by physiotherapists and built with certified European materials.

Price: ~$170


The business shoes for men from BÄR enables natural, fatigue-free walking.

Price: ~$200


These shoes are styled like the quintessential business shoe. From the office to after-work drinks or even more formal affairs like weddings, these shoes have a healthy zero-drop design, comfortable feel, and classic look.

Price: ~$300+


Icanchu design comfortable, zero drop dress shoes for guys looking to optimize 9-5 performance.

Price: ~$160


If you are looking for a comfortable business shoe for your everyday work, you have found it with Joe Nimble's “bizToes” range. Thanks to its leather upper, the shoe is versatile and impresses with an appealing look.

Price: $200+


Prime Trotter’s shoes are handmade throughout the whole process to provide the option of custom orders to achieve maximum comfort. There is also the ability for the customers to choose their colors and leathers of preference.

Price: ~$300


These shoes are handcrafted in the UK using the highest quality materials. Their shoes are often a classic shape but with some crazy twists to make each pair unique!

Price: ~$500


In developing their business shoes, Senmotic followed three main requirements: the shoes had to be very light, the barefoot shoes had to actually look like business shoes, their shoes had to do the best to keep your feet healthy.

Price: ~$240


Tadeevo Derby gentleman shoes show the same flexibility and ultra minimalism as all other Tadeevo products. This product is for conscious barefoot walkers: you can be elegant and still experience natural freedom.

Price: $129


Despite their elegant appearance, ZAQQs business shoes have all the characteristics of a barefoot shoe. You will love to finally walk comfortably from appointment to appointment.

Price: ~$200

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