Joe Nimble
Functional footwear.
Road Running
Zero Drop
$151 - $200
$201 - $300
Functional footwear.

Joe Nimble footwear is multifunctional footwear. Designed to combine the health benefits of being barefoot with the performance and comfort benefits of a shoe; Joe Nimble takes the human foot beyond barefoot.

Free your toes and the rest will follow. This was the simple idea born from Christian Bär more than 30 years ago. He created a new breed of shoe that balanced the natural shape of your foot with high-quality German craftsmanship.

Now, the next generation of the Bär family has refined the idea of “toe freedom” with Joe Nimble – a collection of fashion-forward and innovative shoes for anyone who confidently blazes their own trail. The finest full-grain leather, featherlight flexible rubber and breezily breathable microfiber all come together to create an experience like your feet have never felt. What’s the secret? A wider toe box for maximum feel and balance, joined together with a Zero Heel for instinctually perfect posture. The time has come to be Nimble with everything you do. So, spread those toes and align yourself with a decidedly different shoe ‐ Joe Nimble.

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