Prime Trotter
Bespoke and custom. 100% Handmade. Barefoot shoes.
Zero Drop
Custom Fitted
$201 - $300
Bespoke and custom. 100% Handmade. Barefoot shoes.

Prime Trotter is born of necessity for independent designing and crafting. Mr Vergos is a Greek designer and shoe maker who has been working on mass production for over 25 years. He wills to overcome the boundaries of mass production and set his own high standards on the design and the quality of raw materials, by handcrafting shoes.

Prime Trotter’s shoes are handmade throughout the whole process. Handcrafting gives the ability to get over the strict delimitation of the sizes and provides the option of custom orders, to achieve maximum comfort. There is also the ability for the customers to choose their colors and leathers of preference.

Prime Trotter promotes the pursuit of comfort, unique style and high quality in everyday life.

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