Minimalist, Barefoot shoes worth wearing.

Ultimate List of Minimalist Shoes & Barefoot Shoes


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Mens, Womens, Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Flats, Shoes, Slip-ons, Slovenia, 0-49 is a design studio, production and online shop of colorful wool felt products. Carefully designed color contrasts will liven up your mood and diversify your home.
Premium wool felt design by Urša Nina Cigler.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, USA, 0-49
A company dedicated to making functional yet fashionable shoes for the average mover. We took an "old" (VELHO) shoe and re-imagined it. We did this because we know that if you like to move, then you are ready "to go" anytime, anywhere. And you will be wearing these all the time.
Closer to the ground.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Socks, United States, 50-99
The Sockwa sole-ution is the thinnest sole possible. Our sole allows for maximum tactility and natural foot movement and is ideal for an endless number of healthy lifestyle activities like beach and water sports, yoga and exercise, and on and on.
A New Breed of Footwear.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Handmade, Custom Fit, Sandals, Cyprus , 50-99
We are hard at work to create the ideal Sparta Sandal for you.
Handmade leather sandals.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Cyprus , 50-99
Fully leather sandals with a leather sole.
Handmade leather sandals.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, United States, 200-299, 300, 50-99, 100-199
Functional Fashion. Our products are hand-made by a small team of dedicated leather artisans in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Everything is hand built with longevity in mind, taking care to make useful, durable, and beautiful products that last.
Handstitched Moccasins since 2000
Womens, Formal, Zero Drop, Flats, United States, 0-49
Equal parts stylish and convenient, these ultra-compact ballet flats roll up to fit perfectly in your purse. Never again will you be forced to walk uphill to work in shoes that ruin your feet (or even worse, wear sneakers that ruin your outfit.
Foldable Ballet Flats - bridesmaid gift wedding favors
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Handmade, Shoes, Boots, United States, 50-99
These Baby Moccasins are One Of A Kind. Made with soft genuine leather, and high-quality furs & Beads. Everything is sewn by hand and each bead is individually sewn directly on to the leather!
Baby Beaded Moccasins, The Feel Of Being Barefoot
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Zero Drop, Custom Fit, Handmade, Sandals, Spain, 0-49
All our sandals are made by hand, starting with the cut to the sole and going through the different gluing, assembly, sanding, logo printing processes, until reaching the final assembly, everything is done by hand and therefore, each pair It's unique.
Artisanal manufacture of sandals in Manises, Spain
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Vegan, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slip-ons, United Kingdom, 0-49
Our mission at Livie & Luca has always been based in these values - to spread joy and to make a difference through the creation of comfortable and whimsical shoes, to do meaningful work in which our products positively affect the lives of others. The guiding idea behind Livie & Luca is that we sell more than just shoes and this idea has proven to be the key to our success.
Adorable shoes for adorable feet Baby to Youth.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Finland, 50-99, 100-199
Inspired by the oldest shoe ever found.
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Boots, United States, 0-49
Robeez's mission is to help growing families around the world by developing playful and practical baby products that enhance the experiences of early childhood and capture the magic of life’s everyday moments.
Premier baby/tot apparel & shoe brand.
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Sandals, Boots, United States, 0-49
In 2004, a Seattle mom was on a quest to find a shoe that was best in health and design for her son’s feet. She was looking for fun, sophisticated styles that also promoted healthy foot development; but she didn’t find any, so she created See Kai Run. Today, a dedicated team of footwear makers and designers carry on this mission. Our experience and footwear knowledge ensures that every style we produce is fun, fashionable and features the finest in materials and craftsmanship.
Designed to promote healthy foot development in children
Kids, Casual, Hiking, Formal, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Flats, New Zealand, 50-99, 0-49
For almost 30 years we’ve been making the world’s best shoes for little explorers, walking with them as they plant their feet upon the world. From the earliest adventures to world leaders in comfort and protection, find out where we started, where we are and where we're going next.
The best shoes in the world for growing feet
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Slovakia, 50-99
The intention is not only to spread awareness of barefoot footwear (and footwear ), but also to draw attention to one's own abilities. Sandals similar to those made by the Tarahumar Indian tribe in Mexico can be easily made by any do-it-yourselfer (for more information on the Tarahumars, but also on running - the book Born to run ).
Handmade Slovak sandals
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Poland, 0-49
Welcome to Monk Sandals - the first hand-made minimalist running sandals producer in Poland. The aim of the Company is to create sandals which will fulfill the needs of the most demanding users. By using the highest quality materials we created high endurance sandals while keeping the weight at minimum. Thus, while wearing Monk Sandals you will feel satisfaction, comfort and the feeling of lightness and nature with every step you make.
Producer of running sandals
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Sandals, Spain, 50-99
Aborigen Sandals is a multi-adventure outdoor sandals brand, but with a revolutionary minimalist design and different features depending on the model. Handcrafted one by one in an artisan way with modern materials, high resistance and quality mountain equipment materials, with the prestigious Vibram brand for the sole. An outdoor shoe highly recommended for minimalist running, also for trekking or for having the greatest adventures in nature.
Minimalist sandals for running, trekking and adventure.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Sandals, Czechia, 50-99
Bosky are minimalist barefoot sandals made in the Czech Republic designed with the maximum respect to the natural function of human foot.
Minimalist barefoot sandals made in the Czech Republic
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Handmade, Custom Fit, Sandals, Czechia, 50-99
The shape of most ordinary shoes does not match the shape of the feet. The man numbed and reshaped his legs. The stimuli that arose from contact with the country thus disappeared. We want to go back and let our feet and body fully perceive the world. We are all original, we have a different body and foot structure and therefore our main goal is to produce individual minimalist shoes.
Handmade minimalist Nall sandals.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Vegan, Sandals, Spain, 0-49, 50-99
ENIX sandals are made by hand with a light, effective and innovative closure system that allows running with the minimum interference between our feet and the ground with an adjustment that allows us to feel the sandals as one more part of our body. And if they serve to run they serve for "almost" everything.
Sandals for running and whatever comes up
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Japan, 0-49
With a priority on the healthy development of children’s feet, the brand was developed based on research and development with Japanese based medical professionals specializing in children’s feet. Since 2009 IFME had sold a total of 16 million pairs of shoes globally. IFME now boasts an extensive network of 1,800 stores in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and is launching in the U.S. in spring, 2016.
The best choice.
Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Sandals, Flats, Slip-ons, USA, 50-99
Yosi Samra is the creator behind the foldable flat revolution. The essence of classic, his products are a must-have fashion staple for every woman!
Shoe designer and creator of the foldable flat.
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, United States, 0-49
All Troadlop shoes are designed with your comfort in mind. our Breathable Shoes feature knit fabric . It's soft and light, and when you run or do any other exercise,you will feel more flexible. Troadlop creates beatiful, functional shoes for men.
Enjoy everything in life.
Mens, Womens, Casual, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, World, 0-49
The SAGUARO barefoot shoe has a completely flexible sole. An important and convincing factor for every barefoot shoe. Furthermore, the sole is thin and the shoe has zerodrop. The points are convincing and make a barefoot shoe. So we have no heel and stand flat on the ground. The ground contact and a barefoot feeling are given. The thickness of the sole is a very good choice especially for beginners. Here SAGUARO can definitely keep up with common manufacturers.
Customer first, quality first
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Shoes, Japan, 50-99, 100-199
Marugo, established in 1919, boasts a large share in the Japanese tabi shoes market. The brand has been one of the top choices for people who purchase the time-tested, signature Japanese footwear for their functionality and potential health benefits.
Time-tested, signature Japanese footwear
Kids, Mens, Womens, , Toe Spacers, , United States, 50-99
Correct many common foot and leg problems. Increase athletic performance, decrease injuries. Improve strength and flexibility of toes and feet. Enhance balance and stability.
Anatomical toe spacers designed by sports podiatrists
Kids, Mens, Womens, , Toe Spacers, , Canada, 0-49
Natural, healthy human feet have toes that spread apart and don’t touch each other. – we call them “Wild Toes”. TFC Wild toes are a simple, affordable accessory that you can use to reclaim optimal toe alignment. Think of them like braces for your feet that help restore your toe alignment to its natural state.
Affordable toe spacers to reclaim optimal toe alignment.
Kids, Mens, Womens, Business, Casual, Formal, Hiking, Running, Toe Spacers, , United States, 0-49
Straighten and fix your toes. Silicone toe separators for overlapping toes relieve toe and foot pain with gentle stretching and cushioning each toe while walking, running, or practicing yoga.
Make your shoes comfortable again!
Mens, Womens, Casual, Zero Drop, Sandals, Sweden, 100-199
Minimalist shoes with organic & natural materials. Promotes grounding and natural biomechanics. The best for health and for a sustainable future!
The organic, natural and minimalist sandal
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Wellies, Denmark, 50-99, 100-199, 0-49
Est. 1904. Handmade quality shoes for little explorers. Danish design inspired by our Scandinavian heritage.
Quality shoes for the little explorers.
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Wellies, France, 0-49
We offer essential, contemporary products for men, women and children. Our efforts focus on the use of innovative design, materials and production techniques in the development of durable, functional, fashionable clothing, shoes and boots.
Aigle has been protecting you, since 1853, and forever.
Womens, Casual, Formal, Zero Drop, Flats, United States, 100-199, 200-299, 300
The most versatile flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day.
The Ballet Flat, Reinvented.
Kids, Casual, Zero Drop, Waterproof/resistant, Wellies, Denmark, 0-49
Mikk-Line is functional, high quality outdoor clothes which are all carefully developed to keep your loved ones comfortable during all 4 seasons.
Functional quality outerwear for active children aged 0-16
Womens, Casual, Formal, Zero Drop, Flats, United States, 0-49
Fit In Clouds is here to solve your pain! The "Clouds" are portable flats that fold and fit in a pouch. You can carry this pouch in the smallest of purses, and when the time comes, you take off your heels and slip on your clouds! They look like classy ballet slippers, but they have a thick rubber sole to provide protection and comfort while walking and most importantly they fold.
Foldable flats perfect for weddings, events & travel.
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, World, 50-99
Our barefoot shoe allows your foot to move as though you were wearing no shoe at all, or as close to it as possible. Upgrade from five fingers shoes, this barefoot training shoes design with a wide toe box for your toes to relax and spread out naturally.
Less is best – the less shoe there is, the better.
Mens, Womens, Running, Hiking, Zero Drop, Shoes, World, 50-99
Wearing this barefoot you’ll engage your feet more, and strengthen the muscle fibers that get neglected when you’re all laced up. With stronger accessory muscles in the foot, injury rates were expected to drop and running efficiency would improve.
Barefoot inspired.