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May 3, 2023

Every Company Making Zero Drop Boots For Hiking

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So you've made the transition to barefoot shoes and now you're looking for a minimalist walking boot for hiking.

Thankfully there are lots of options from all over the globe! Before buying, check out our barefoot boot buying hacks to get the best deal!

Here's a complete list of barefoot boots with zero drop:

USA & Canada barefoot shoe brands


Altra has an All-Weather Series that offers 100% waterproof technology and leading breathability providing maximum comfort and protection in a wide range of conditions.


Carson built a high top version of their standard running shoe based on the same sole you've seen runners logging 1000's of miles on. This high top will take you to the top of the trail in comfort. It's built with a zero-drop, 10mm, polyurethane midsole/outsole with a light, flexible upper and includes a 5mm sock liner for ultimate comfort and added protection. All their shoes are made-to-order by hand in the beautiful Milwaukie, Oregon.


LEMS boots are built with a lightweight frame and even with a waterproof membrane, their boots hit the scale at a featherlight ~12.9oz.

LEMS boots are known for their solid construction and are ready to roll through a river, plow through an ice pack, or anything else on your agenda.


Steger's collection of mukluks are designed to keep your feet warm. Their range of options has you covered from everyday wear, shoveling the drive, hunting, ice fishing, and even the extreme conditions of arctic expeditions. The high cut of the boot will hold in the warmth on your legs too.


Xero took their best-selling trail hiking and running shoe, the TerraFlex, and morphed it into a range of high-topped, fully waterproof hiking boots that are ready for your next extreme adventure.

Europe barefoot shoe brands


Hiking, trekking, running - it's all about enjoying nature up close and carefree. The minimalist hiking boots from BÄR ensure that. With stability, comfort, and freedom of the toe. They give your foot the space it needs.

They offer comfortable barefoot hiking boots that offer a non-slip grip, stable ankle protection, and water-repellent materials.


Feelmax offers lightweight, midheight street and minimalist trekking boots. They're flexible, water-repellent and made in Finland.


Freet's barefoot boots are designed for natural movement on the trail and around town. Now with greater durability and water resistance.


Are you looking for a functional boot that is also suitable for hiking? Joe Nimble's minimalist walking boots are exactly that: a robust and at the same time good looking hiking shoe.


We often stuff our feet into bulky boots with thick, rigid soles to protect us from the elements of the winter season. Leguano's zero drop boots have flexible soles for sensory feedback from the

ground and its warm lining protects you from the cold and wind.


Senmotic's barefoot winter boots are tried and tested in the Scandinavian winter. Their winter barefoot boots have toe and heel caps made of durable and low-maintenance nubuck leather instead of suede that give your feet the best protection.


Sole Runner's minimalist boots are made of water-repellent, breathable leather upper and feature a water tongue which means the tongue is sewn onto the boot.


Vibram makes the Furoshiki Oslo waterproof winter boot. A truly unique boot that pairs innovative styling with groundbreaking, award-winning sole technology designed specifically for wet ice. Features a newly updated, waterproof, fully gusseted upper.


Vivobarefoot make barefoot boots that are hard-wearing and waterproof and are tough enough to tackle any terrain while being lightweight enough to throw in your backpack.


Wildling makes a whole range of minimalist walking boots for hiking that look great. They use felted wool that has temperature-regulating and climate-regulating properties to keep your feet comfortably warm. The integrated membrane provides your feet with additional protection from moisture.


Are you looking for new shoes which will last? Look no further: Nature lovers will find the benefits of ZAQQ's minimalist boots amazing. The shoes aren’t clumpy and heavy but are light and flexible, yet strong and safe. The inner lining is waterproof, breathable, and has a windproof membrane, protecting your feet from water getting in.


Zkama's Barefoot winter boots are definitely unique. The footwear is suitable for cold weather and since they use high-quality cowhide in combination with merino wool, protect your feet from moisture and cold.

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