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February 21, 2023

Best Minimalist Dress Shoes For Women

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Dress shoes are notoriously uncomfortable and inflexible but damn they look good.

It was a compromise we barefooters used to have to make but not anymore. I've put together a comprehensive list of companies that make minimalist dress shoes that have everything you'd normally look for in a barefoot shoe. Enjoy!

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Bindu 2 Bare Black

The Bindu 2 Comfort Black is flexible is flexible in all directions. Made from highly water resistant and breathable microfibre alternative to leather it's cruelty-free. The sole has great grip, flexibility and is abrasion resistance. Double layered elastic heel for maximum comfort and perfect fit. They can be delivered with yellow and black laces or any other color possible on request :)

Price: ~$170


The SUSANNA minimalist business shoe from BÄR enables natural, fatigue-free walking. In this healthy Chelsea boot you can see the wearing pleasure from a distance. Casually open-edged with robust but noticeably soft calfskin nappa leather, “Susanna” takes you straight into winter fun.

Price: ~$200


These shoes are styled like the quintessential business shoe. From the office to after-work drinks or even more formal affairs like weddings, these shoes have a healthy zero-drop design, comfortable feel, and classic look.

Price: ~$300+


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Designed from the beginning to apply a minimalist running shoe design process to the traditional dress shoe framework, Icanchu remove the non-essential elements found in traditional dress shoe construction (the heel, arch support, the metal shank, unnecessary weight, etc) in order to focus on the function and comfort of the design.

Price: ~$160


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This minimalist business shoe for women is your perfect companion for official occasions. With the "elegantToes" lace-up shoe you make an elegant impression and at the same time protect your feet. This is extremely useful when you have to be on your feet for a long time.

Price: $200+



Prime Trotter’s barefoot dress shoes are handmade throughout the whole process to provide the option of custom fit to give you maximum comfort. There is also the ability for you to choose their colors and your leather of preference.

Price: ~$300



These shoes are handcrafted in the UK using the highest quality materials. Their shoes are often a classic shape but with some crazy twists to make each pair unique!

Price: ~$500


Senmotic Business barefoot shoes - Empire F1 Black/Black

The “Empire” model is Senmotic's most intricate minimalist business shoe in the collection. The split upper and the beautiful English perforation make this business barefoot shoe unique worldwide. The thin, very light Black Angus leather, combined with the 2.9 mm CR-15 sole, creates a superior experience and allows you to walk and stand with ease.

Price: ~$240


BRIQ Brogue Velours Brown

The ZAQQ BRIQ is a derby made from our new barefoot business shoe last. The main highlight of this shoe is the new hand-stitched ZAQQ Business sole with optical heel. The BRIQ is a barefoot running shoe in the guise of a handmade business shoe.

Price: ~$200

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