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The Enix 080 are the most versatile sandals we make: with a total thickness of 8mm and a more aggressive tack pattern than the 050 or 105, although it does maintain their Morflex compound. The 080 is suitable for running on asphalt as well as for entering simple paths and tracks. Its one-piece Vibram sole and the characteristics of its compound make them extremely comfortable by adapting to the foot almost immediately and transmitting extraordinary flexibility and lightness. It incorporates the new tubular belts with great resistance to abrasion. At the outer end, the closure is achieved with a resistant clasp, while at the opposite end we maintain the Enix closure, with large-area velcro to ensure an optimal fit. Finished off with our EGS footbed: a thin layer of resistant, non-slip synthetic material that considerably improves the traction of the foot on the sandal both in dry and wet conditions.

Sizing Advice
Leave a gap of 0.5-1cm both in front and behind. Follow the indications in our SIZE CHART according to the length of the foot, the sandal should fit approximately 0.6 - 0.8 cm on the front and back of the foot.
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