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  • "Where did you get those?" people ask our lady customers. The ribbon on your ankle will attract attention.
  • Experience the ribbon’s charm by putting on comfortable and stylish barefoot sandals that were designed for you by physiotherapists. They’re ideal for a walk, a formal occasion ... or even a wedding! The thin, flexible sole copies your movement and the soft ribbons will caress your skin.
  • But will they stay clean? You bet. Just wipe with a moist cloth and toss the ribbons into the washing machine. In the package from us, you’ll find white ribbons. If you want, you can also add other colors. Designed by physiotherapists for a healthy stride.
  • Handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia. 100% durable vegan leather. Moisture-wicking material keeps your feet dry. Long-lasting and machine-washable ribbons. Buy another set of ribbons and have a create a brand new outfit.
  • Barefoot sandals made by physiotherapists. Ever noticed how classic shoes have a completely different shape from your feet? They pinch your feet, which is why you can’t wait to take them off every day. Try our barefoot sandals that provide space for your toes and flexibility for your entire foot. In Ahinsa shoes, every step is a gentle massage for your feet — and your mind. Did you know that barefoot walking stimulates the centers in your brain? And that’s not all. Barefoot shoes also:
  • Activate your body’s kinetic muscle chains. Engage your core stability system. Support the function of your internal organs. Switch to wearing shoes that respect the shape and movement of your feet.
  • Thin outsole + soft footbed = comfort for the city. These sandals conform to you - not you to them. The thin outsole copies the movement of your foot. And the best part? They'll last you millions of steps. Really, we tested it on our own feet. We combined the outsole with a soft layer. So even in the city, you're walking as softly as if you were in a moss. Durable outsole lasts for years. Copies the movement of the foot. Zero-drop. Soft footsteps.
  • As healthy as walking barefoot, study confirms. Your stride is healthy and natural in Ahinsa shoes, studies carried out at Masaryk University confirm. According to the research, Ahinsa shoes allow your foot to engage just like when you walk barefoot. By contrast, ordinary shoes restrict your feet and block their natural sensory contact with the ground. Do something for your health, today.
  • Shipping to EU, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Designed by physiotherapists. 100% vegan materials. Thin and durable outsole. Ethically made in the Czech Republic and Croatia.
  • Technical parameters: Spring, Summer, Urban, Special occasion. For normal feet. For normal, high and low instep.
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Please remember to measure your feet correctly and add some space: 6-10 mm for women,8-16 mm for men
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