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The EnixBOLD has been conceived for long distances in the mountains, with 13mm thickness it allows you to run on technical terrain for longer thanks to the combination of the medium density of the 5mm EVA rubber and the comfort provided by the Clivia 8mm sole. Without completely eliminating the connection with the terrain, it offers incredible protection so that the foot does not stress as the running hours go by. Its density allows it to adapt to the foot in a few hours of use, increasing its comfortability.

The upper layer is made up of our EGS synthetic footbed which allows extraordinary grip both in the dry and in the wet. It incorporates the new Enix ® Closure , with 20mm tubular straps very resistant to abrasion, metal clasp and velcro closure at the inner end for an optimal fit. It also incorporates the new Enix ® Anklets consisting of an additional strap that allows the heel section not to fall, allowing all freedom of movement to the ankle.

Its great flexibility, despite the thickness, is due to the Morflex © compound used by Vibram © for this plate model. This flexibility also favors a quick adaptation and makes it curve adopting the shape of our feet within a few kilometers of using it. The central knot is hidden in the sole, to protect against erosion and wear.

Sizing Advice 📏
Leave a gap of 0.5-1cm both in front and behind. Follow the indications in our SIZE CHART according to the length of the foot, the sandal should fit approximately 0.6 - 0.8 cm on the front and back of the foot.
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