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May 12, 2023

Earthrunners Elemental vs. Circadian | Barefoot Sandals Comparison & Review

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Introduction 👟

Today, we're comparing two incredible barefoot shoe, or should I say sandal, options: the Elemental Adventure and the Circadian Adventure, both by Earth Runners. These sandals may be exactly what your minimalist heart desires; whether you're a dedicated barefoot enthusiast or just curious about the benefits of barefoot shoes.👣

In this comparison, we'll be exploring the intended purpose of these sandal models, their design, comfort, fit, price, and more. If you're a frequent barefooter or someone who wants to expand their barefoot range, this comparison is for you. So grab a seat, prepare for some minimalist footwear wisdom, and let's dive into the world of Elemental Adventure and Circadian Adventure sandals! 😎

Purpose and Versatility 🦶

Elemental barefoot shoe

The Elemental Adventure is designed for those with strong feet who want minimal protection and a close-to-barefoot feel. Its lightweight, aggressive sole aims to make you feel as if you're hardly wearing anything at all. It's an excellent choice for the frequent barefooter, someone looking to expand their barefoot range, and ideal for running, hiking, and general daily wear. Since the Elemental has no footbed, it sheds water well and maintains its lightweight properties even when wet – perfect for those wet trails.

Circadian barefoot shoe

On the other hand, the Circadian Adventure offers a blend of comfort and performance. The Earth-Grip footbed provides additional grip in wet conditions, which can come in handy during outdoor adventures. It's a versatile sandal suitable for urban environments, long day hikes, and as camp shoes. If you're after a more aesthetically pleasing sandal that's still functional, the Circadian Adventure is a great option.

While both sandals cater to different preferences, they share a common focus on the benefits of barefoot wear and provide exceptional traction for various activities. It's important to consider your specific needs and desires before choosing between Elemental Adventure and Circadian Adventure. Are you after the closest barefoot experience with quick-drying capabilities? Or would you prefer a more versatile option with added comfort and grip?

Design 😍

When comparing the design of the Elemental Adventure and the Circadian Adventure sandals, there are a few key differences to consider. First, the materials used for the uppers and soles of these sandals are a little bit different.

Elemental barefoot shoe sole

The Elemental Adventure sandals have an 8mm Vibram® Gumlite Outsole, which is an expanded rubber compound that weighs 40% less than solid rubbers. The Elemental sandals do not have a footbed, allowing them to shed water and maintain their lightweight properties even in wet conditions. This makes them a great choice for someone prioritizing minimalism and weightlessness in their footwear.

Circadian barefoot shoe

On the other hand, the Circadian Adventure sandals feature Earth Runners' Earth-Grip footbed. Made of a cotton canvas material, this footbed offers extra grip in wet conditions, although it may get soggy when wet and require more frequent cleaning. Nonetheless, it provides a comfortable and secure feel for various activities, including hiking and urban outings.

Moving on to the soles, the thickness of the Elemental Adventure sandals is 6.5mm base + 1.5mm tread, totaling 8mm. In contrast, the Circadian Adventure sandals have a similar thickness, but with the additional cotton canvas footbed. Both sandals use a Vibram® sole, ensuring traction and durability for various terrains ⛰️.

A shirtless man wearing Elemental barefoot shoes jumping

When it comes to weight, the Elemental Adventure sandals come in at a feathery 5.5 oz (single sandal, men's 9 / women's 11), making them a perfect choice for those who desire a barely-there feel.

A person wearing Circadian barefoot shoes sited on rocks

The Circadian Adventure sandals, while still lightweight, may be a touch heavier due to their added canvas footbed.

Both sandals feature Grounded Conductive Performance Laces™, which are designed to provide additional security and longevity during your adventures. The only difference between the Adventure and Lifestyle versions of these sandals is the laces, with the Adventure variant offering more durability and security at the cost of slightly less comfort.

As for aesthetics, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Some community feedback suggests that the Elemental Adventure sandals may not be as stylish as the Circadian Adventure sandals, but we believe that style is personal and shouldn't be the primary focus when choosing your perfect barefoot companion ❤️.

The Elemental Adventure sandals are ideal for those seeking the closest experience to barefoot, with lightweight properties and minimal design. On the other hand, if you value added comfort and grip, the Circadian Adventure sandals, with their Earth-Grip footbed, may be a better choice. Still unsure? Dive deeper into your barefoot journey with our Ultimate Guide to Barefoot Shoes!

Comfort and Fit 📐

Choosing the right size for your perfect fit is crucial when it comes to barefoot shoes. Let's discuss sizing advice for both the Elemental Adventure and the Circadian Adventure.

Legs wearing Elemental barefoot shoes in water

For the Elemental Adventure, Earth Runners recommend choosing the size with as little extra space as possible between your toes and heel, and the sandal edges. You can easily confirm your size by printing their sizing templates and comparing them to your foot. Earth Runners provide a sizing guide on their website to help you ensure a perfect fit. Once you've established your size, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, as long as the sandals are unworn, unwashed, and unaltered.

Legs crossed wearing Circadian barefoot shoes

The Circadian Adventure also follows the same sizing advice and come with the 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit. Want to try out barefoot running and incorporate it into your fitness journey? Check out our ultimate guide to barefoot running for beginners! 🏃‍♂️

Keep in mind that different foot types and specific needs may affect how each sandal fits and feels. Earth Runners offer sandals with various features and adjustments to accommodate these different preferences. Don't hesitate to share your experiences in the comments below or ask any questions you might have about these sandals.

Price Comparison 💰

Let's talk about the price tags on these minimalist sandals.

Hands tying Elemental barefoot shoes

The Elemental Adventure sandals are priced at $79, while the

Legs wearing Circadian barefoot shoes

Circadian Adventure sandals come in slightly higher at $89. This difference in price can be attributed to the additional features offered by the Circadian Adventure, such as the Earth-Grip footbed and the cotton canvas material. But are the extra features worth the price difference? That's a personal choice you'll have to make, depending on your preferences and intended use of the sandals.

But wait, there's good news! You can use Minimal-list's discount code 'MINIMAL-LIST10' for a 10% discount on both Elemental Adventure and Circadian Adventure sandals. Also, don't forget to check our sales page for more discounts and exclusive offers on these and other barefoot shoe models.

About Earth Runners

Earth Runners is a brand that prides itself on creating minimalist, barefoot-friendly sandals inspired by ancient huarache running sandals. Combining earthing benefits with minimalist adventure sandals, Earth Runners aims to offer the closest thing to barefoot running while providing superior all-weather traction. The company also demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility by donating 1% of all sales to True Messages, a non-profit organization focused on honoring the running heritage of the Tarahumara culture and supporting their youth community.

Both the Elemental Adventure and the Circadian Adventure models epitomize Earth Runners' dedication to providing lightweight and versatile sandals that can handle various activities while remaining plugged into the natural world.

Returns & Customer Reviews 💬

When it comes to purchasing barefoot sandals, it's essential to consider the return policy and customer experiences. Let's compare the return policies and customer feedback for Elemental Adventure and Circadian Adventure.

Legs wearing a pair pf barefoot shoes

Both Elemental Adventure and Circadian Adventure sandals come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns and exchanges. However, they must be unworn, unwashed, and unaltered. If the sandals show signs of wear preventing resale as new, a 20% restocking fee may apply. Heavily used sandals will not be accepted, and customers must pay for return shipping costs.

Moving on to what the barefoot community has to say about these two products, the Elemental Adventure sandals are praised for their lightweight and flexible nature. Users mention that they're great for various activities like hiking, beach outings, and strolling around town. However, some customers note that the straps tend to tangle after 6 months of use, and the overall durability could be improved.

As for the Circadian Adventure sandals, they receive compliments for their comfort, versatility, and secure fit. Users appreciate the cotton canvas footbed, which offers extra grip in wet conditions. Nonetheless, some customers experience issues with the break-in period, and a few have had concerns about the strap durability and the nylon webbing causing friction.

Considering the similarities in return policies and mixed customer feedback, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons of each model based on your personal preferences, activities, and needs. Are you looking for a minimal, thin sandal that dries quickly like the Elemental Adventure? Or do you prefer the added grip and style of the Circadian Adventure? The choice is entirely up to you. Don't forget to check our sales page for unique discount codes and see if these brands are on sale.

Final Thoughts ⭐

So, you've made it to the end of our comparison between the Elemental Adventure and the Circadian Adventure. Ultimately, the choice boils down to what you value most in a barefoot sandal. If you're after a super lightweight, thin, and flexible sandal that performs well when wet and enables you to feel more connected to the ground, the Elemental Adventure could be your perfect match. On the other hand, if you prefer a sandal with a bit more structure and an adjustable cotton canvas footbed that provides extra grip in wet conditions, the Circadian Adventure might win your heart.

Both Earth Runners sandals are versatile and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for various activities and environments. But no matter which sandal you choose, always remember that transitioning to barefoot shoes is a journey, and it's important to listen to your body and enjoy the process.

Make sure to take advantage of our Minimal-List discount code 'MINIMAL-LIST10' for 10% off your Earth Runners purchase. And, as always, feel free to share your experiences or ask questions in the comments below. We're here to help you embrace the barefoot lifestyle to the fullest!

Happy barefooting!

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