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July 3, 2023

Barebarics Zing Review: Stylish and Comfy Barefoot Shoes for Everyday Wear 👟

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Are you searching for an elegant pair of barefoot shoes that offer endless styling options while delivering a minimalist experience? Look no further than the Barebarics Zing! Developed by the talented creators of Be Lenka, the Barebarics Zing is perfect for any minimalist and fashion-forward individual who wants to combine style and functionality seamlessly. I'm reviewing the All White version of the Zings 🤩

Background on the Brand

Barebarics is a brand specializing in fashionable, high-quality barefoot sneakers. The Be Lenka team, known for their innovative minimalist design and superior craftsmanship, is behind this stylish brand. Barebarics aims to provide a fresh take on the barefoot shoe market, targeting customers who value style and health equally.

Premium Materials and Sustainable Construction

One of the major highlights of Barebarics Zing sneakers is their use of premium materials and sustainable production. Something I love about the Zings is  high-quality smooth nappa leather upper. it's resistant to moisture and easy to care and clean up. It makes these a much more versitile option for those urban excursions 🌦️

They use Dermodry Coolmax® technology, a fancy term for a technical fabric that has good moisture control. It really works. They keep my feet dry and comfortable all throughout a day of exploring!

Barefoot Comfort and Versatility

The Barebarics Zing is designed with a barefoot ethos in mind, making it an excellent choice for walking and urban exploration enthusiasts who value foot health. The ComfortGrip sole, made from soft synthetic rubber, is known for its high wear and tear resistance. This durable sole creates a solid foundation for comfortable movement and exploration of new places, even in the hectic urban jungle. Barefoot shoe purists may find the sole a little too thick, and I'm inclined to agree, however after a long day running around a city... I was happy for a little extra.

The Zings come with an insole made from PU recycled material and microfiber. This eco-friendly insole worked well with the lining to give great breathability and excellent moisture control.

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Stylish Design and Durability

The modern design of the Barebarics Zing allows for versatile styling, enabling you to wear them with anything from chinos to jeans or even dress pants for a polished, smart-casual look. They're a better version of Nikes and Reeboks and fill that role in my wardrobe. These sneakers are both fashionable and functional. The minimal and timeless design ensures that your Barebarics Zing sneakers will be a go-to staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

Handcrafted in the European Union using locally sourced and sustainable materials, these shoes are not only elegant but eco-friendly as well. By choosing the Barebarics Zing, you're making a conscious decision to support sustainable practices, which is a win-win situation for you and the environment!

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Sizing and Fit

When it comes to sizing, Barebarics offers a detailed guide for accurate measurements. There's a printable A4 document within the sizing information, which you can compare to your feet size and standard-size debit/credit cards for precision. This makes finding the right size more straightforward and hassle-free. I ordered my regular size and they fit perfectly.

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Rave Reviews and Exceptional Comfort

In the wider community, it seems most people agree with my own thoughts about the Zing; ample toe space, robust durability, elegant design, breathable and comfy.

Some reviews I read mentioned that the shoes might feel a little stiff initially, especially around the ankle but my experience was that they were comfy right out of the box. However, most users go on to say that the material softens after a few wears, conforming to the shape of your foot. The Zing's do have a thicker sole, offering a different experience than other minimalist shoes like Xero's.

Final Thoughts

The Barebarics Zing sneakers represent a better barefoot version of a classic white sneaker for summer. So, if you're in the market for barefoot shoes that will keep you looking and feeling great, you've found your perfect match.

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