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February 21, 2023

Barefoot Shoes: Are They Right For You?

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Some people believe barefoot shoes are the best option for everyone, while others think barefoot shoes are only appropriate for runners. So what about barefoot shoes? Who should wear them and who should not? We will answer these questions in this blog post so you can decide if barefoot shoes are right for you!

Are Barefoot Shoes Right For You?

Most people have been wearing conventional shoes their entire lives. That means restrictive shoes, provide too much support and cushioning and have been squishing our toes together for decades.

Changing to barefoot shoes that have none of these features is a big, but worthwhile, step. There are a lot of benefits to barefoot shoes. Look after your feet and they'll look after you.

Simply put, a healthy individual is typically able to transition to barefoot shoes. It may take time and additional training, but humans are highly adaptable.

Transition is potentially a long process and you have to be committed to making the change. Commitment is probably the biggest barrier preventing people from switching.

But, if you're able to stick to wearing barefoot shoes, they have the potential to help with a variety of foot problems while preventing future issues.

Who Shouldn't Wear Barefoot Shoes

Switching to barefoot shoes with a zero drop and super thin, flexible soles is a big change and I'd always recommend getting expert help.

If you're a healthy and inspired person, you're likely to be able to transition with not too many difficulties. However, if you have hypermobility, musculoskeletal deformities or any preexisting foot conditions, consult a professional first. Here's an extensive list of experts who have a minimalist philosophy you can contact.

Click here for a list of foot conditions and suggested treatments.

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