Tough Little Piggies
Designed for young babies
Kids (ages 3-13)
Zero Drop
$0 - $50
Designed for young babies

Tough Little Piggies ™  (TLP's) are a flexible-sole shoe that were designed so babies can grip naturally with their toes as they learn to balance! There are 3 very important features that TLP's offer! First of all, they are made with an elastic ankle that helps keep the from falling off. Secondly, the flexible-sole is made of a rubber material to give babies the best traction when they are learning to walk/crawl. Lastly, the flexible rubberized toe provides the shoe/material extra protection so that the fabric doesn't wear and tear, while also providing extra grip for crawling babies!

You are not just purchasing a pair of baby shoes. When you buy TLP's, you are supporting a hard working stay at home mom who is determined to provide each customer with not only a wonderful experience, but also a product that will definitely not disappoint!

I take pride in my business! I am very proud to share with you that I have custom designed everything about this business from my logo, to my tags, to the shoe design. Each pair of Tough Little Piggies (TLP's) are cut and sewn by hand. Every tag that is placed on these shoes were designed, printed, cut, and sewn onto the shoes by me. I am very thankful that I have not had to outsource for anything other than fabric, elastic, and thread!

All materials used to make these shoes are CPSC compliant so rest assured they are safe for your baby to wear!

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