Living is easy and growing is carefree with Reima barefoot shoes! 👣

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Kids’ feet are constantly growing, and allowing them to do so as freely as possible is important for their development. The Reima Barefoot shoes do just that as they have a lot of room for toes and the flexible, flat soles make for a natural gait.

Barefoot shoe Astelu

The popular Astelu barefoot shoes are now back in stock! Kids’ feet are meant to grow freely, which is why our Astelu barefoot shoes are spacey at the toes. Their flat, flexible soles feel almost like there was no shoe at all, yet give a great grip for safety. Perfect for warm autumn days or as indoor shoes at daycare or school!

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Introducing Tallustelu: The Award-Winning Waterproof Barefoot Shoe for Kids

Get ready for a whole new level of comfort and style! Our new Tallustelu barefoot shoe will be available in spring 2024. Zero heel, no toe rise – these shoes let kids stand, walk, and run freely. The spacious design allows toes to grow straight, while the waterproof membrane keeps feet dry in sudden rains or puddles.

Winner of the ISPO Award and the Scandinavian Outdoor Award the Tallustelu is recognized for its exceptional design and functionality. As the ISPO Award jury states:

"Barefoot shoes enable healthy growth and make walking a whole new experience. Unlike some other health shoes for kids, the Tallustelu looks cool and is even suitable for real outdoor adventures."

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