Barefoot luxury, for comfortable and cozy moments.
Kids (ages 3-13)
Zero Drop
$101 - $150
Barefoot luxury, for comfortable and cozy moments.

"Papoutsi is something special, something extra, next to other footwear with a protective sole.

Each footwear has its own, unique and most ideal moment of use.

Also Papoutsi shoes "

You choose Papoutsi for that special and extra added value;

  • the (vegetable tanned, natural or vegan) material
  • the natural tones
  • 100% EU from start to finish
  • real handicraft, from our studio in NL
  • the beautiful (and flexible fitting) shape or
  • perhaps because of the lack of an extra sole.

Papoutsi invites you to be. Dutch design, with a nod to the past.

In a most durable and wonderful quality.

Papoutsi is a true experience; be on the road as freely as possible and keep moving. Literally and figuratively.

An experience of which the result (h) honestly comes back to yourself. Or with your child.

Optimal contact with the substrate offers wonderful added value at any age.

The result of which becomes visible socially, emotionally and / or physically.

The form, our intention, and the added value lead us to make a beautiful additional product.

What the big and small Papoutsi fan can touch.

Papoutsi is the power of bare feet,

with just that little bit of extra luxury and protection, if necessary. "

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