Code Footwear

⚡️The 1st Athletic Footwear Brand to Custom Engineer your Shoes from Scratch to Expand your Athletic Potential. Made in USA

Custom engineered cleats designed to work in direct response to the natural mechanics of YOUR feet. (Nobody else’s)

We process your foot scans & data to craft your ideal pair with just enough stability to keep your feet naturally functioning. Our goal is to help athlete’s maximize their potential while strengthening their feet at the same time. For most of us, we need to address the ill effects of conventional footwear. With our CODE system, you will be able to reverse those effects and set yourself up for prolonged health.

Each shoe is manufactured and handmade in the USA with 3D printing technology. Your custom metatarsal pads, toe spacers & textured insoles are key components to get the most out of your foot/shoe relationship.

We recommend wearing a combination of toe spacers and met pads with Code Footwear to give yourself a stronger/wider base that is also less susceptible to injury.

Get an unfair advantage over your competition and allow yourself to reap the rewards of barefoot training with shoes that cater to your movement... Because strong feet are the foundation of a healthy body.

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