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The Be Lenka Sophie barefoot ballerina flats are the perfect choice for any occasion. Designed with the unique anatomy of the female foot in mind, these lightweight shoes offer comfort and style.

The uppers are made of leather, providing a touch of shine to your style. The lining is made of microfiber for added comfort. The sole is made of Be Lenka AlldayComfort (TR), which is durable and flexible. The insole, made of microfiber, latex, and an anti-slip layer, is removable for easy maintenance.

These shoes are made in Portugal and are versatile, suitable for both warm days and office wear. They are easy to put on with an elastic band sewn around the brim of the upper. The precise design and high-quality handmade production ensure their durability.

Barefoot footwear attributes include a wide foot-shaped toe box that allows ample space for the toes to wiggle. The zero drop sole helps maintain correct body alignment and supports a natural gait. The thin sole stimulates foot nerve endings and provides an excellent ground feel. The flexible upper and sole allow for natural foot movement and better muscle and tendon function. The lightweight design prevents foot fatigue.

These ballerina flats feature the minimalist AlldayComfort sole, specifically designed for Be Lenka. The new TR blend used in the sole offers excellent abrasion resistance while maintaining flexibility. They are classified as walking shoes.

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