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PEAQ Brogue Cognac is a classy business casual shoe that is both elegant and comfortable. Say goodbye to tired feet with PEAQ, as it will make walking to your next appointment a pleasure. The cognac-colored shade of the shoe highlights the fine broguings, adding an extra touch of elegance. With fine hand-stitched seams and four-hole lacing, this business shoe is a classic.

The PEAQ shoe features a flexible barefoot sole that is extremely thin, allowing you to feel the ground while providing light cushioning for joint protection. The high-quality nappa leather used in its construction is not only comfortable but also durable, making this shoe perfect for both business and leisure.

Your new ZAQQ PEAQ Brogue Cognac is crafted with premium Nappa leather for the upper, providing a smooth and gentle feel. The lining is made from extra-thin leather that is supple and breathable, while the insole is open-pored and breathable as well. The ultra-flexible sole is made from non-slip and abrasion-proof rubber, with a thickness of 3.9mm (0.15 inch). The shoe is strobel-stitched with double seams, and the sole is hand-stitched to the upper. The adhesive used is a solvent-free bonding agent.

These shoes are not only stylish and comfortable but also promote foot health. The rubber sole without a heel supports natural posture, protecting joints and relieving spinal pressure. Different last shapes and designs for men's and women's shoes ensure an optimum fit. Plenty of space at the front of the shoe allows room for toes and the ball of the foot. The breathable and sweat-reducing properties of high-quality natural products create a balanced foot climate, promoting natural movement. The ultra-flexible and supple material prevents blisters and sore feet. Additionally, these shoes are incredibly light, weighing approximately 200g (7oz) in size 41.

ZAQQ aims for sustainable production, and their barefoot shoes are made in Germany. Each shoe is unique, and production is low-pollutant with regular tests at well-known institutes. The processing of the shoes takes place within their own factory located south of Berlin, and sole exchange is possible.

Category: BUSINESS


  • Upper: premium Nappa leather, extra smooth and gently tanned
  • Lining: extra-thin leather, supple and breathable
  • Insole: open-pored, breathable leather
  • Sole: ultra-flexible, non-slip, abrasion-proof rubber (3.9mm thickness)
  • Upper: Strobel-stitched with double seams
  • Sole: hand-stitched to the upper
  • Adhesive: solvent-free adhesive bonding
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