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Large adhesive process update, the popular classic models will also get a freshness cure in 2020. Here you find the whole selection of our high-quality Chala Classic models. There are 4 unique models that differ in their respective thickness. Our Classic Thin model was our first barefoot sandal model ever. This is our iconic model and it has proven itself since the opening of our manufactory which is why we have never changed it. This model is only 3,6mm thick. Our Classic Thick model only differs in the thickness of the upper layer made of high-quality leather. This model is 5,5mm thick. With Smooth Leather as the material for the upper layer we reach a thickness of 4,8mm but at the same time the sole is sturdier than the other models because the smooth leather is less flexible. Our popular Berlin Edition is available in black or white. We use another sole still made of natural rubber but a bit thinner so you can wear it in your daily life and the city and on even more fashionable occasions like weddings. With only 3,3mm thickness this is the thinnest barefoot sandal in our selection. The delivery takes place in a very high quality organic cotton gym bag.

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