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Do your shoes hurt your feet all day long? They shouldn’t! The majority of shoes have a completely different shape than your foot, which is why they squash and pinch your feet.

Make a change and experience unbelievable comfort. Our physiotherapists used all of their experience to design shoes that will fit from the moment you put them on. And that’s how our Bindu 2 casual shoes were born. They respect the real shape of your feet, adapting to their natural movement and protecting them against harsh impacts. The stylish burgundy color is just the cherry on top. Wear shoes that make sense. Choose shoes that set your feet free. Designed by physiotherapists for ultimate comfort and a healthy stride. Handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia. 100% vegan. CF+ Ultra Dry lining wicks moisture away from your feet. Premium style for the theater, office, or park.

Barefoot Line: Free your feet. Have you ever noticed how your shoes have a completely different shape than your feet? Ordinary shoes restrict and cramp your feet, so you can’t wait to take them off at the end of the day. Try wearing barefoot shoes, which give your toes the natural space and flexibility they need. In Ahinsa shoes, every step you take becomes a gentle massage for your feet — and your brain. Did you know that walking barefoot stimulates brain centers? And that’s not all. Wearing barefoot shoes also:

  • Activates your entire kinetic chain
  • Engages your core stabilization system
  • Supports the function of your internal organs

Wear shoes that respect the natural shape and elasticity of your feet. Never worn barefoot shoes before? Give our Comfort Line a try first. These shoes come with foam insoles to soften each step. Once you’re ready to transition to barefoot, simply remove them.

CF+ material: Dry feet — rain or shine. Head into the forest. Or climb a hill. In these shoes, the weather won’t catch you off guard. Our shoes are made from the highest quality European material CF+ (Cruelty Free High Performance material). It has increased water resistance on the outside, while on the inside it absorbs and reduces moisture. Even better? CF+ is extremely durable. You can scratch them with a fork (we’ve tried) and you won’t see a thing. Finally, shoes that won’t get scuffed up the moment you wear them outside! Wicks away sweat from your feet. Increased water resistance. Scratch-resistant. 100% vegan.

CF UltraDry lining: Dry feet even in the hot summer. We've been looking for a lining that would look after your feet for a long time. A lining that breathes and wicks moisture away from your feet. And we found it. It's called Cruelty Free UltraDry. It looks like leather, but it's so much better. 60% of this lining comes from corn polymer, a natural and easily recyclable material. We also love this lining for what it can do. It absorbs up to 8 times its weight in water, so your feet stay dry. Wicks away moisture from your feet. Antibacterial. Silky smooth to the touch. Ecological and easily recyclable material.

Lifo+: Extra flexible sole that lasts for years. You'll conquer any terrain with the German Lifo+ outsole. It's lightweight and as flexible as your feet. And it doesn't slip even on wet surfaces (we tried it). Wondering if they'll last? We've worked that out, too. We chose an extra-durable German compound that won't scuff easily. Thin and lightweight sole. Reliable even on wet surfaces. Maximum flexibility. Resists wear and tear.

As healthy as walking barefoot, study confirms. Your stride is healthy and natural in Ahinsa shoes, studies carried out at Masaryk University confirm. According to the research, Ahinsa shoes allow your foot to engage just like when you walk barefoot. By contrast, ordinary shoes restrict your feet and block their natural sensory contact with the ground. Do something for your health, today.

Shipping to EU, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Designed by physiotherapists. 100% vegan materials. Thin and durable outsole. Ethically made in the Czech Republic and Croatia.

Technical parameters:

  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Urban
  • Formal
  • Special occasion
  • For normal feet
  • For normal, low and high instep.
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