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Perk up your little ones' steps with Be Lenka Perk barefoot sneakers. These shoes are crafted with breathable materials, making them ideal for warm sunny weather or as comfortable kindergarten or school shoes. The sneakers feature a thin 6mm sole, providing excellent ground feel, and a spacious ergonomic toe-box that allows plenty of space for toes to wiggle and grow.

The Be Lenka Perk shoes offer the highest barefoot comfort and freedom for your child, while still providing just the right amount of protection. The upper is made of 100% polyester, and the insole is textile. The lining is not applicable, and the sole is made of vulcanized rubber. The premium quality skin-friendly materials and minimalistic, lightweight design ensure unmatched comfort for little growing feet.

Flexibility and unrestricted foot movement are important for the natural development of kids' feet, as their bones are malleable. The thin and flexible 6mm sole of the shoes allows the foot to bend and flex naturally. This results in an improved walking posture, stronger foot muscles, and increased sensory feedback for better motor function and balance.

The wide toe box of the Be Lenka Perk shoes allows the toes to wiggle freely and prevents them from being squashed like traditional shoes do. This guarantees comfort even during all-day use. The sneakers are suitable for wearing in playgrounds, parks, urban environments, and everyday walking. However, due to their airy construction, they are not ideal for rainy weather.

The Be Lenka Perk sneakers are suitable for normal to wider feet and normal to slightly higher insteps. They have a laceless design, making them easy to wear and take off. However, they are not suitable for sports activities like cycling, rock climbing, and other strenuous activities that can damage the sole. Additionally, they are not suitable for sandy surfaces or activities in water due to the breathable properties of the material inside the shoe.

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