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February 21, 2023

Yew - Wildling Shoes | Barefoot Shoes Review

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Finding a pair of shoes that fits my feet perfectly, with just the right amount of support for my feet, and most importantly, allows me to explore the outdoor trails comfortably, has been quite the challenge. I encountered the Yew by Wildling Shoes and it provided a wonderfully comfortable and yet, rugged outdoor experience.

The Makers

Wildling Shoes is a German-based brand founded in 2018 by Tillman Schäfer. In just a few years, it has established itself as a sustainably conscious, eco-friendly brand utilizing ecolast to reduce its environmental footprint. What I love most about the shoes is that they are designed to be as joyous and comfortable as possible to anyone wearing them.

Opinion of Features

From the first time I put the Yew on until now, I have never felt anything like it. It offers ultra-breathability on the upper due to the densely-woven waterproof recycled cotton canvas. The extra long laces are designed to be wrapped elegantly around the ankle for added support and comfort. To add to the waterproofing, there is also a water flap at the bottom of the shoe, which prevents water from entering the shoe.

The outsole is made from a blend of synthetic rubber (with a percentage of recycled content), silica, and cork, to provide excellent ground feel. What I love most is the soft felted wool interior, not only does it warm my feet but also makes the shoe feel more comfortable. Moreover, the shoe offers no break-in time, making the shoe an enjoyable experience right out of the box.

Technical Specification

- Weight: 468g

- Sole: 4mm

- Uppers made of densely woven recycled cotton canvas

- Inside lined with felted wool

- Integrated membrane and water flap for improved water resistance

Fitting/Sizing Advice

According to the Fitkit, the Yew is true to size. Before wearing for the first time, it is advisable to add waterproofing to the edges of the shoe, which may darken them. After wearing, the edges should be occasionally knocked together to keep dirt and debris out.


The Yew by Wildling Shoes ranges from $119 to $149.

International shipping costs €8.90 and €4.90 for Germany, and returns are free within the first 30 days but incur a fee of €3.50/€8.90 for subsequent returns.

Overall Thoughts

The Yew by Wildling Shoes is the perfect addition to a hiker's outdoor adventure wardrobe. It offers lightweight feel, excellent ground feel, and no break-in time. The outsole is a combination of synthetic rubber and silica and cork, making it both lightweight and comfortable. Moreover, the inside is lined with felted wool to keep feet warmer, and the outside is made with recycled cotton canvas, making it both fashionable and responsible.

The shoes are also water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor activities. I highly recommend the Yew for anyone looking for a comfortable, lightweight, fashionably-responsible outdoor shoe.

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