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February 21, 2023

Wilder Boot - Shamma Sandals | Barefoot Shoe Review

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As an urban fashionista and busy professional living and working in the city, I understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between style and functionality, especially when it comes to barefoot boots. The Wilder Boot by Shamma, with its sleek and durable design, offers me just that and more. It is built specifically for cold weather and is perfect for a combination of everyday and outdoor use. But is it the ultimate solution for fashionable urbanites seeking stylish and functional footwear for busy, active lifestyles? Let's find out.

Summary & Tech Spec 🤓

  • Full-grain, American oil-tanned brown cow leather construction
  • Partial lining, stitch-down construction, celastic structure
  • Veg Tan Leather insole and midsole, Vibram Cherry 4mm or Vibram Zegama (Megagrip) 6mm outsole
  • Approx 26.7 oz/size 10, 20 sizes 5-14.5
  • Built for cold weather, sleek & durable
  • Softness & comfort, perfect balance of form & function, waterproof
  • Timeless look & feel
  • 3-5 weeks processing time, 3-8 weeks for exchanges
  • $325.00, US shipping $12.99, int'l shipping $65-$75
  • Returns accepted within 30 days
  • Stack height: Insole-2.8mm Veg Tan leather, midsole-2.8mm Veg Tan Leather, outsole-4mm Vibram Cherry or 6mm Vibram Zegama (Megagrip)
  • Total Stack Height: 10mm Cherry, 12mm Zegama (Megagrip)

What We Love 🫶

I really liked the Wilder Boot for its sleek and durable design as well as its timeless look and feel. The leather construction is perfect for its intended use as a cold-weather option and looks great on the trail as well as dressed up for a night in town.

The boots provide great softness and comfort for the back of the heel and top of the foot, making them a great choice for busy, active lifestyles. What makes these boots great is the option to choose between two different soles, in either Vibram Cherry 4mm or Vibram Zegama (Megagrip) 6 mm. This means you can easily find the perfect balance of form and function to suit your lifestyle.

With 20 sizes available from 5 to 14.5, it's easy to find the best fit for you, and the boots are built to keep water and other elements out. I'll update this as they're put through their paces.

What Could Be Better 🙏

The Wilder Boot has been designed with a desire to create a cold-weather option that is both sleek and durable. Despite the timeless look and feel, there are a few drawbacks that we think you should take into consideration.

First and foremost, the processing time is 3-5 weeks and exchanges may have a processing time of 3-8 weeks. This can be a bit of a downside if you're looking for a new pair of boots in a hurry.

Additionally, the boot only comes in 20 sizes from 5 to 14.5, meaning that some people may not find the perfect size for them.

The price of $325 is also a bit on the steep side for this type of barefoot boot when compared to similar options.

Overall, while Wilder Boot offers the benefits of a stylish and functional winter boot, these drawbacks should be taken into consideration before making an investment.

Fitting & Sizing Advice 📐

Finding the perfect fit for your Shamma Sandals is easy! Pick your regular US Men's street shoe size and use the size guide on their website. There are 20 sizes available from 5 to 14.5, giving you the perfect amount of choices.

Returns within 30 days of delivery are accepted for new and unused products so don't hesitate to take advantage of that in case you receive your boots and they don't fit quite right!

Pricing 💳

For a fashionable and functional boot that is unique yet timeless, the cost of $325 is perhaps a fair price albeit on the steep side compared to other brands for a similar style of boot.

But these are high-quality, full-grain American oil-tanned leather boots that represent excellent durability and aesthetics.

Use our discount code 'minimal-list10' for 10% off your order 🙌

Shipping and Returns 📦

Shipping within the US is $12.99 and international orders are $65.00- $75.00.

Returns are accepted within 30 days and exchanges may take up to 8 weeks to process.

Care Advice 🧼

To make sure you get the most from your Wilder Boots, I have some great tips and advice to share on keeping them looking good and lasting as long as possible!

First, the Wilder Boots are made from American oil-tanned brown cow leather, chrome-tanned cowhide buffed oily leather and Veg Tan leather insole and midsole. To keep them looking their best, use a quality leather conditioner (I recommend using Chamberlain’s Leather Milk or Leather Honey leather conditioner) to nourish and protect the leather, ensuring that they stay soft and supple. This should be done regularly, especially when you first buy them.

After wearing them in wet weather, it is important to allow the boots to dry naturally as exposure to direct heat can cause long-term damage. Additionally, it is advised to avoid wearing the boots in high abrasion locations such as rocky trails, as this can reduce the lifespan of your boots.

For those of you who are on the go and often wear your Wilder boots for long periods of time, I suggest a protective shoe freshener to keep your boots odour-free, and a leather protector sprays to ward off any water damage.

Finally, the Wilder Boots came with 3 different sole options for you to choose from Black Cherry, Cream Cherry and Black Zegama. The soles should be checked regularly for wear along the edges and any build-up of dirt or grit as this can impact the longevity of your boots.

If you follow some of the advice, your Wilder Boots should last many years to come and always look their best making them a good investment.

Final Thoughts 💭

The Wilder Boot is a dream come true for busy urban professionals who want stylish and functional boots for their active lifestyles. Built with high-quality materials and attention to detail, the Wilder Boot is durable and long-lasting. The three sole options available provide different levels of comfort and traction, while the 20-size options make sure you can always find the perfect fit. The turnaround times are a bit long with 3-5 weeks in production, and 3-8 weeks for an exchange, but overall the Wilder Boot is a great choice for those looking for comfort, style, and functionality if you can afford them.

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