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February 21, 2023

Snowfox - Be Lenka | Barefoot Shoes Review

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Be Lenka was founded in 2017 and has since dedicated its production to making winters easier for babies, pregnant women, new moms, and anyone who fails to find the right fit for the harsh winter days! All products designed by Be Lenka do so while keeping the safety and health of its users and the world in mind. This makes them focus highly on their products’ sustainability, design, and durability.

The Makers

The brain behind the designs is Lenka Cenigova, who used her love for Barefoot shoes and started an entire line dedicated to the product. Additionally, the vision and astute business sense of Be Lenka co-founder Juraj Fehervari have helped the company's products gain popularity quickly.

Overall Thoughts

The Snowfox barefoot boots have been a safe space for my feet during harsh winter days. The sleek inner wool lining keeps my feet warm outdoors, and the tire impression in the soles ensures I don’t slip when walking on snow. The pricing is a perfect fit for the durability of the shoes. You won’t have to think twice about the pay once you experience the durability of these shoes.


The size range is between 36 to 43 using the European size measure, and it offers the perfect tight and airproof fit, provided you get the right size. It also allows your feet to breathe without strain or sprains. The shoe has a wide toe box, so it can accommodate feet of all widths without mismatched fitting.

To further make the size selection easy, a size chart is offered on the website to allow you to see your required width and length and choose the size that closely matches those numbers. The ideal shoe size, as recommended, is given by considering an increase in shoe length by 0.5-1.2 centimeters, giving you your best-fitted shoes!


Some factors that make the Snowflox Be Lenka Winter Barefoot Boots so unique and beloved include:

  • The Barefoot trait: These shoes do precisely what you wish footwear to do during winters: be the warmest without add-ons! For the Barefoot shoes, this is made possible by the special removable wool lining that adds additional protection against the harsh winter. The wide toe area adds to the barefoot feeling, and the lightweight shoe makes walking easier.
  • Water-resistant: The shoes come with a special water-resistant membrane, and a rubber sole cut perfectly to prevent slipping.
  • Flexible: The outer layer of the shoe is made of three different materials that let the shoe be as flexible as needed. The easy-to-use laces of the shoes can be tightened as per fit without the shoes’ outlook being distorted- it gives a rather cute look with the laces tied tightly.


The price of the Snowfox Be Lenka Winter Barefoot Boots reviewed is between $195 - $209. For the long-lasting lifetime and the exceeding comfort these shoes offer, the price is affordable, and delivery is effortless. If you value comfort and are okay with paying the price, these shoes are the way to go!

The Bottom Line

As the makers’ guarantee, the Be Lenka range offers unique footwear that is hardly found in the market these days. The variety of Be Lenka shoes and the various colors they come in make these shoes worth the shot you give this winter. Your style, comfort and warmness of feet is guaranteed with these shoes. Check the size before you purchase to enjoy your new shoes fully!

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