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February 21, 2023

Seaside Twill - Feelgrounds | Barefoot Shoes Review

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The perfect vegan barefoot summer barefoot sandals

![Feelgrounds Seaside Twill barefoot sandals on a white background](https://assets-global.website-files.com/5e9db027ddbd8f00c6226a6c/6321f36a3cedbb61b178e624_Untitled (1).png)

The spec:

  • Zero drop
  • Sole thickness/stack height: 7 mm/0.27 in
  • Weight per sandal: 153 g/5.4 oz (Size US W11.5/M10)
  • Wide Toe box
  • Materials: cotton, cork & rubber (vegan)
  • Sizes: EU 35 to EU 49.

This summer, we tested Feelgrounds Seaside Twill barefoot sandal in Deep Olive and here is what we thought!

They are super comfortable. The back velcro strap is cushioned (it’s amazing), and even though they are casual daywear minimalist sandals, I wore these for long walks with no rubbing or discomfort. They have a great ground feel, and the cork base layer feels lovely against the sole of your foot. The wide ‘toe box’ (if you can call it a toe box on a sandal?) at the front allows ample space for toe spreading. I spent years looking for sandals where my feet didn’t roll off the sides and feel uncomfortable. These are a perfect actual foot shape, and are true to size.

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I have mid-to-high volume feet, and the height of the… what on earth is the word for the toe strap that slots between your big toe and its pal!?.. well, that part, is a good size. The back strap is adjustable with velcro, making them easy to fit well to your feet, and it holds well on long walks.

They are beautiful barefoot sandals. I love the Seaside Twill’s aesthetic. They are minimal and come in a range of muted rustic and pastel colours. If you're feeling glitzy, check out the Seaside Luxe. The natural cork soles give them a lovely finish and its very comfortable to walk on. Beware: if like me, you often wander about totally barefoot getting dusty feet, this can get dirty quite quickly. They can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth before air drying.

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![Feelgrounds Seaside Twill minimalist sandals in mirror](https://assets-global.website-files.com/5e9db027ddbd8f00c6226a6c/63455ed30ccbc44cbba93886_WhatsApp Image 2022-08-20 at 3.33.38 PM (1).jpeg)

The pitfall. No item is perfect. And the downside of my Seaside Twills sandals was that one of the button covers (that holds the strap to the sole) fell off. Although this does not affect the functionality of the sandal it did leave me feeling a little bummed, as it wasn’t something I could attempt to easily fix myself.

That said, the Feelgrounds team were responsive and let us know that...

A customer would be offered a refund or replacement immediately. We manufacture our Feelgrounds with great care. Should your pair nevertheless develop a defect or doesn’t last as long as it should, then a customer can easily contact us

Feelgrounds Seaside Twill barefoot sandals button strap

Would I buy them again?

Aesthetically speaking, the Seaside Twill is one of the cutest looking barefoot sandals on the market. These are a good addition to your summer wardrobe. As soon as it was warm enough to have my little toes out, I lived in these sandals. At the $89 price point however, I normally aim for minimalist sandal that is multifunctional (for example a sandal that I could hike in too). The button issue aside,  I'm not sure if I'd get them again solely for the looks. But that's just my opinion and I think for many the style factor is more than worth the money.

They are minimalist sandals for sitting on picnic blankets and drinking ciders with friends, for dancing to running up that Hill at your cousin's wedding, for ambling around cobbled streets on that holiday you’ve been waiting too long for.

Versatile. Minimal. comfortable.

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