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February 21, 2023

Robinia - Wildling Shoes | Barefoot Shoes Review

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I already found barefoot shoes to be pretty comfortable, but when I got my hands on Wildling Shoes' Robinia boots that went to a whole new level. As a person who is pretty active, I was always looking for shoes that would be comfortable and could keep up with my active lifestyle. I'm always up for new challenges and often find myself on different surfaces and so I thought I'd give the Robinia Boots a try.

Summary & tech spec 🤓

• Made with certified organic cotton and membrane of 100% polyester and a lining composed of 50% hemp and 50% flax

• True to size, with Fitkit

• Must be waterproofed before first-time wear, repeat waterproofing and regular cleaning

• Handmade, with slight irregularities in structure and color

• Shipping available worldwide, with free shipping for orders of €200, and free returns for first-time customers

• Sizes EU36-48 Unisex

• Adult Price: 139€ incl. VAT;

• Stack height: 4mm; Weight: 478g per pair

About the makers 🧰

Wildling Shoes creates stylish and comfortable shoes that are also environmentally friendly. Their Robinia shoes are made from certified organic cotton and a membrane of 100% polyester, with a lining composed of 50% hemp and 50% flax. Wildling is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, making sure that each of their products meets their eco-friendly standard. They make it easy to shop with confidence knowing that your purchase will help protect the environment.

What we love 😍

These comfortable Robinia boots from Wildling are the perfect footwear for me as someone looking for a shoe that can handle whatever the day has in store for me. Their zero-drop construction provides the user with balance and stability, while the tabi sole provides excellent grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.

The supple organic cotton upper not only looks stylish, but also provides a snug, flexible fit that moves naturally with my foot. Plus, the inner lining is composed of 50% hemp and 50% flax for an added layer of insulation and cushion. The perfect mix of style and practicality, these barefoot boots provide versatility without sacrificing comfort. They are fully vegan and hold up very well in wet conditions. With these stylish but practical barefoot boots I feel confident to go anywhere!

What could be better 🫣

Despite its many positive features, there are always a few things we'd have liked to see in the Robinia.

They are a little on the pricier side but when you are using premium materials like organic cotton certified from sustainable sources and recycled rubber from 33% recycled material. It's understandable, and these boots are really high quality. Personally, I think they are a good price.

Waterproofing before first use and repeat waterproofing treatments as needed is a little annoying to do but that is the downside of have a boot made from these material. At the very least, I would like the boots to come already waterproofed and ready to wear out of the box.

As each pair of shoes is handmade and may have slight irregularities in color and structure. While these irregularities add to the product's handmade character, Wildling Shoes take pride in quality control, always striving to produce shoes with small uniquenesses rather than irregularities and for me I like the extra character but it's important to be aware of.

Sizing/fitting advice 📐

Robinia boots are true to EU size and my regular size was perfect.

Pricing, shipping and returns 💳

At a price of €109,00, Wildling Shoes' Robinia boots provide very well made boot for a pretty good price all things considered. Shipping is available worldwide with free shipping on orders of €200 and free return for first time customers.

How to care for your Robinias' 🪥

To keep Robinia shoes in prime condition, Wildlings recommend that you should waterproof them before the first wear, and repeat the treatments as needed. Shoes made from organic cotton must be cleaned with a brush or damp cloth; they are not machine washable.

Wildlings have their own waterproofing spray

Clean stains immediately using a damp cloth or brush and allow the shoes to air dry before storing them. Avoid exposing the shoes to extreme heat like a radiator.

Take care when putting them on: use the heel loop, and gently hold onto the knitted collar. • Try to avoid contact with water and mud, and clean stains immediately using a damp cloth or brush. • Allow the shoes to air dry before storing them. • Lastly, do not expose the shoes to extreme heat.

Final thoughts 🤔

I am absolutely thrilled with my Robinia boots from Wildlings. From their supple and soft organic cotton upper, to the light and flexible grip sole, these shoes offer comfort, style and performance. They are true to size and have a zero break in time. The waterproofing process is easy and the video tutorials available on the Wildling Shoes YouTube channel make it even easier.

I highly recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish and reliable barefoot shoe with zero drop and perfect ground feel.

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