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March 17, 2023

Patrol Lite - Feelgrounds Review | Barefoot Shoes Review

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I have to say it. My Patrol Lites are beautiful.

Tech spec 🤓

Sole thickness (stack height): 10mm

Heel-to-toe drop: Zero drop

Actual weight: 397g | 14oz

Flexibility: High

Toe spacer compatible: Yes

Materials: Faux leather, Cork.

The Makers 🔨

Feelgrounds are a young, friendly, dynamic, and passionate team wanting to get people excited about barefoot shoes.

They started with a crowdfunding campaign for their first model, the Original Mesh, in April 2019… within 48 hours they were fully funded and delivered their stylish barefoot sneakers within 5 months. They work hard to expand and innovate; with every new model, they seem to build better footwear.

I love watching these folks grow.

Overall thoughts 🤔

The Patrol Lite is the lightweight sister of the Patrol Winter barefoot boot (check out more barefoot winter boot options here). They are more suitable for spring/autumn rather than winter and Feelgrounds marekts them that way. Whilst they are lightweight and more breathable than the Patrol Winter boots, they are not quite breathable enough for the summer months.

I was impressed with the Patrol Lites overall shape and width. They are foot shaped without looking 'clowny', very spacious with an extra wide toe box. They can easily accommodate wearing toe spacers at the same time (check out our list of the best toe spacers to wear with your minimalist shoes).

That said, getting my feet into the Patrol Lites is different story. For some reason, it's just difficult. I think it's because the laces are not so easy to loosen before putting them on. It's a small annoyance and really my only point of contention with these fantastic barefoot boots.

As you’d expect from the Patrol Lite name, they’re super lightweight. I mean shockingly so. They weigh just 397g | 14oz… for a pair of boots! That’s crazy. And this makes them a delight to wear for long periods. They are extremely flexible. So much so that I'm able to bend the soles downwards using just the strength of my feet!

The faux leather microsuede material they use is water-repellent (not waterproof). If you plan to walk in wet conditions your feet will get wet so if you need a waterproof barefoot boot, go for the Patrol Winter (or check out more waterproof barefoot winter boots here).

That said, the faux leather does perform well at resisting rain and mildly wet conditions. It feels resilient and has a premium texture to it. Plus it makes these barefoot boots vegan… win-win.

The soles are zero drop and come in at 10mm thickness. The sole thickness does dull the ground-feel somewhat, especially when compared to some other barefoot boots I own. But on the upside, it makes them a lot more comfortable and a great barefoot boot to help you transition to minimalist footwear (check out our best 5 exercises to help speed up your transition).

Sizing 📏

Feelgrounds shoes fit true to size and I had success ording my normal size. If you’re going for a winter model you may want to consider sizing up a little to allow for those thicker socks (check out our guide on the best barefoot friendly socks) you’re likely to be wearing.

Feelgrounds sizing advice can be found here.

Care Instructions 🧼

Loose dirt is best removed with a dry, soft shoe brush. Then work in a mild cleaning solution with a little water and a clean brush. Remove excess product with a damp cloth. After cleaning, allow drying at room temperature.

Oddities 🤪

  • Way more lightweight and flexible than you’d expect from a minimalist boot.
  • They’re a little tricky to get on.

Pricing 💰

$159 - Get them here.

The bottom line...

Would I spend the money on buying the same pair again?: Yes

What the community has to say 💬

The boots are great - super comfy straight out of the box. The only improvement I would suggest for future models would be eyelets for the lacing. The customer service is also great - I exchanged for a bigger size and in between orders the price increased - the customer team immediately refunded the difference. Very happy.
This pair of boots is one I purchased as an understated, black, barefoot boot, and it is great when I am wearing it. However, it is a major pain to put on, even with a shoehorn, and the company declined my suggestion when I suggested that offering such a boot with a side zipper would differentiate their offering. I'm glad to have them, but putting them on shouldn't be such a chore. My non-barefoot boots are slip-on and zip, and I am a bit disturbed that this company has no interest, so far as I can tell, in making boots that are easier to put on.
This is the good-looking, weather-resistant shoe I've been looking for. It looks very nice, and it handles the rain and puddles like a champ. They required a little bit of break-in to soften up, and even after several weeks, they are still a bit of a chore to get on and off. That said, I invested in my first-ever shoehorn, and that works like a champ. It is, however, not the most breathable shoe I've had. It does much better than other waterproof boots I've owned. On those, my feet sweat nearly instantly and cannot breathe at all. On this Patrol Lite, there is breathability, but it is still limited (because, you know, Leather), so by the end of the day, my feet have begun to feel (and smell) like they've been enclosed all day.

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