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June 25, 2023

Middle Bear Winged vs. Earthrunners Circadian | Barefoot Sandals Comparison & Review

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Introduction 👟

How do you choose between two excellent barefoot sandals designed for outdoor adventures? It's a tough question for any minimalist footwear enthusiast. Knowing the benefits of wearing barefoot shoes, like improving performance and comfort on the trails while preventing injuries and promoting foot health, it's essential to make the right choice. In this comparison, we're exploring the Middle Bear Winged Edition by Luna Sandals and the Circadian Adventure by Earth Runners. Aimed at hikers and outdoor sportspeople, these sandals are designed for different purposes, from epic mountain adventures to mellow trail runs.

Middle bear winged barefoot sandal top view

We will compare the key aspects of both models, focusing on how they perform in various activities to help you make an informed decision. So, strap in and prepare for a deep dive into the Middle Bear Winged Edition and Circadian Adventure!

Earthrunners Circadian khaki barefoot shoe

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Purpose and Versatility 🦶

When it comes to finding the ideal barefoot shoe for all sorts of outdoor adventures, versatility is key. With that in mind, let's dive into the activities and terrains where the Middle Bear Winged Edition and the Circadian Adventure shine the brightest.

Man and woman sitting on a rock wearing barefoot sandal

Whether it's hiking, trail running, or simply enjoying nature, the Middle Bear Winged Edition offers superior grip and rock protection while remaining lightweight and nimble. These sandals, with their outstanding traction and comfortable fit, are well-suited for a variety of adventurous pursuits. The barefoot feel of the Middle Bear enables you to connect better with the ground beneath you, making it perfect for diverse trails and terrains.

3 women sitting on a rock wearing Earthrunners Circadian barefoot sandals

The Circadian Adventure shines in its lightweight and secure design, making it an ideal option for not only urban explorations but also long day hikes, walking around town, or even as a comfortable camp shoe. Moreover, its excellent traction ensures a steady grip on various surfaces, both urban and natural. The Earth-Grip footbed resembles the sensation of walking on bare earth, further enhancing the barefoot experience that many outdoor enthusiasts seek.

Overall, both the Middle Bear Winged Edition and the Circadian Adventure cater to different preferences and activity types, making them versatile companions for your outdoor lifestyle. While the Middle Bear offers efficient protection and grip on rugged trails, the Circadian Adventure excels in providing a comfortable fit and natural ground feel for various settings. Make sure to keep in mind your preferred activities when making a choice, as both of these shoes can help you reap the benefits of barefoot shoes and enhance your connection with the earth.

Design 😍

When it comes to design, both the Middle Bear Winged Edition and Circadian Adventure sandals focus on providing a secure, comfortable fit for outdoor enthusiasts. Let's dive into the specifics.

Middle bear winged edition barefoot sandal vibram

For the Middle Bear Winged Edition, the upper material is lightweight and vegan-friendly. The sandal's sole is made of high-quality Vibram® Megagrip outsole and midsole, providing exceptional grip and water resistance. With a thickness of 9.4mm base + 4.5mm lugs, these sandals offer ample protection on rugged trails without sacrificing flexibility. Weighing in at 8.2oz (single sandal, men's size 9.5), these sandals manage to remain lightweight and agile.

Earthrunners Circadian blue barefoot sandal

The Circadian Adventure, on the other hand, boasts a minimal and aggressive sole design with Earth-Grip footbed, resembling the feel of bare earth, and offers excellent traction in various conditions. These sandals feature Performance Lace, providing a secure fit for outdoor activities. The cotton canvas footbed gives extra grip in wet conditions and adds to the overall comfort of the sandal.

Both sandals prioritize functionality and performance over aesthetics, staying true to their minimalist roots. However, for those who find style important, it's worth noting that each sandal has its unique appeal, with the Middle Bear offering a more rugged look and the Circadian Adventure sporting a sleeker, versatile style. As always, style is subjective, so we won't dwell on it too much.

In terms of eco-friendliness, both sandals prioritize the use of vegan materials. The Middle Bear Winged Edition is manufactured in Vietnam, while the Circadian Adventure is crafted by Earth Runners in the US.

The choice between the Middle Bear Winged Edition and Circadian Adventure will come down to personal preferences for materials, weight, and the degree of "barefoot" feeling desired.

For more information on what constitutes a good barefoot shoe design, check out our article on the 4 Essential Features of Barefoot Shoes.😉

Sizing and Fit Advice 📐

Getting the perfect fit in your Middle Bear Winged Edition and Circadian Adventure sandals is essential for comfortable and enjoyable outdoor adventures. Let's dive into some sizing advice for each model:

A man walking with Middle Bear Winged barefoot sandals

For the Middle Bear Winged Edition, most men tend to size down 1/2 to a full size, while most women find their regular size to be accurate. You'll want a close fit with these sandals, without too much space around your foot. Luna Sandals provides a helpful size guide to ensure you find the perfect fit.

A man wearing Earthrunners Circadian barefoot sandals

With the Circadian Adventure sandals, it's recommended to choose a size with as little extra space as possible between your toes and the edges of the sandal. Earth Runners offers a unique "print & try on" method for choosing the right size: Simply print the corresponding size template in actual size, compare it with your foot, and confirm your size. You can find their sizing page with detailed instructions and suggestions.

Keep in mind that it's natural for minimalist footwear to have a bit of a break-in period, and the initial fit may require some adjustments. If you're ever in doubt about sizing, don't hesitate to consult the respective brand's customer support or refer to our comprehensive guide on barefoot shoe sizing for more information. Happy adventuring in your new barefoot sandals! 🎉

Price Comparison 💰

There is a noticeable difference between the Middle Bear Winged Edition and the Circadian Adventure sandals. The Middle Bear Winged Edition comes in at $120, while the Circadian Adventure is priced more affordably at $89. Although both sandals offer exceptional performance and comfort, this price difference might play a role in your decision-making process, especially if you're on a budget.

Middle Bear Winged barefoot sandals

It's important to assess the value for money in both models, considering their features, materials, and user experiences reported by the barefoot shoe community. The Middle Bear seems to offer good value for its price, with users praising its comfort, security, and durability. On the other hand, the Circadian Adventure presents a more affordable option with its lightweight, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing design.

A man standing with Earthrunners Circadian barefoot sandals

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Ultimately, the choice between these two sandals comes down to your preferences, budget, and specific needs. If you value a more cushioned, trail-specific sandal with a higher price, the Middle Bear Winged Edition might be the right choice for you. If you prefer a versatile, lightweight, and more affordable option, the Circadian Adventure could be the winner. Regardless of your choice, both sandals offer unique benefits to enhance your outdoor adventures.

Remember that the ultimate goal of barefoot shoes is to provide you with a comfortable and functional experience that allows you to reconnect with the earth and improve your performance, one step at a time.

About Luna Sandals and Earth Runners

Luna Sandals and Earth Runners are two prominent brands in the barefoot shoe industry, both offering a range of quality sandals to cater to the outdoor enthusiast market.

Luna Sandals is well-regarded for their high-quality footwear inspired by ancient huarache running sandals. Luna Sandals puts emphasis on using durable materials such as Vibram® soles, ensuring their products withstand the challenges of outdoor adventures. The company has a reputation for innovation, as seen in their GEN3WINGS foot harnessing system and their focus on continuously improving their designs.

Earth Runners aims to combine the benefits of earthing with the functionality of minimalist adventure sandals. Earth Runners' philosophy of "grounded conductive lacing" gives outdoor enthusiasts a natural connection with the earth while providing superior all-weather traction.

Both Luna Sandals and Earth Runners have dedicated communities, which appreciate the unique features and benefits of their products. They also share a commitment to producing vegan-friendly footwear, ensuring their products are animal-free. However, there are some debates in the community regarding specific aspects such as durability, comfort, and 'grounding' claims.

Returns & Customer Reviews 💬

When purchasing a pair of barefoot sandals, knowing about the brand's return policy and customer feedback is essential. Let's take a look at how these two models fare in both return policies and user experiences.

Middle Bear Winged Edition offers a 30-day return policy for unworn sandals. If you're not completely satisfied, you can send them back for a refund, no questions asked! However, after 30 days, the return conditions change depending on how worn the sandals are.

Most customers agree that the Middle Bear sandals are comfortable and provide excellent grip on various terrains. Some users noted that the thickness of the sandal may feel a bit mushy underfoot, while others appreciated the added cushioning. The winged lacing system may require occasional readjustment, but the overall feedback is positive. 🌟

As for the Circadian Adventure, Earth Runners offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns and exchanges, as long as the sandals are unworn, unwashed, and unaltered.

Customer feedback on these sandals is mixed. Some users love their lightweight and versatile nature, while others experienced a challenging break-in period and issues with the toe post. Despite these concerns, many users appreciate the Circadian Adventure's comfortable footbed and secure fit. Keep in mind that their durability is a point of contention, so weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

And remember, when transitioning to barefoot sandals, it's essential to follow a proper transition plan to avoid injuries and get the most out of your new footwear. 💪

Final Thoughts ⭐

So, which barefoot sandal is right for your outdoor adventures: the Middle Bear Winged Edition or the Circadian Adventure? Both options offer unique features tailored for different preferences and activities.

The Middle Bear Winged Edition provides excellent grip, thicker cushioning, and impressive durability – perfect for those seeking extra comfort and protection during rugged outdoor adventures. Its unique wing design and Vibram® MegaGrip outsole give it an edge in performance and traction on challenging terrains.

On the other hand, the Circadian Adventure shines in versatility and lightweight design, making it ideal for urban environments, long day hikes, and casual wear. Its Earth-Grip footbed and performance lacing system provide a secure fit and all-weather traction, while still allowing for a mildly barefoot feel.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your individual preferences and intended use. Evaluate the features of each sandal, and consider how they align with your priorities. Both models have received praise from the barefoot community, proving that neither option will leave you disappointed.

Before making your decision, don't forget to check our sales page for any discounts on these sandals. Also, take advantage of our Earth Runners discount code 'MINIMAL-LIST10' for 10% off the Circadian Adventure. And finally, if you're new to barefoot footwear, our guide for first-time users is here to help you navigate this exciting journey.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and preferences in the comments section below, and don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter for more valuable insights on barefoot shoes and minimalist footwear. Happy trails! 🌲

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