Kids and Healthy Feet: All About The Benefits of Barefoot Shoes

February 21, 2023
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Ah, the joys of raising a family. I know firsthand just how important it is for parents to provide their children with the best care that they can. From their nutrition and physical activity, to proper apparel for outdoor adventures; taking care of every detail, no matter how big or small, makes a significant difference when it comes to their overall health and wellness.

Since our kids love running, jumping, and playing in the great outdoors, one thing I have been particularly mindful of when it comes to their apparel is what type of shoes they’re wearing. I’m interested in promoting healthy natural movement and making sure they have the right kind of shoes that don’t hinder that. After hearing about all the benefits of barefoot shoes and encouraging natural movement in children, I set out to try them out for my own kids. Now I’m here to share my experience and what I've learned in the process with you!

Benefits of Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot shoes are becoming increasingly popular because they offer many benefits to individuals of all ages. The key goal of these shoes is to replicate a natural foot shape and create an environment that encourages natural movement. This is beneficial for a range of reasons, but the primary ones are improved foot health, better posture and balance, and improved overall body mechanics.

The unique feature of these shoes is the toe box which is designed to spread the toes, creating a natural shape and helping to strengthen the muscles and tendons in the feet. This makes the feet stronger and more flexible, providing support when walking, running, or jumping. It also improves posture and balance by allowing the feet to move freely and without restriction, which can help reduce the risk of injury during physical activities. Barefoot shoes are an excellent choice for improving foot health and promoting natural movement.

Developing Foot Muscles in Young Children

When it comes to young children, it’s important to be aware that flat feet are normal and no cause for concern. This condition is common in young children until their feet develop and gain strength and mobility. Of course, if your child is showing any signs of pain or dysfunction, it’s wise to seek the advice of a physician.

Children shouldn't wear shoes until they can walk on their own, as this allows their feet to develop the muscles and tendons in the feet necessary for walking. They should have plenty of time to be barefoot and experience natural movement without any restriction.

Protecting Young Feet

As your child begins to walk, it’s important to also think about protecting their feet. Going barefoot all the time may not be feasible for some places and occasions and so you will need a suitable alternative. Barefoot shoes are a great choice as they provide protection from the outdoors such as from dirt, dust, and debris, while still encouraging natural movement and preserving natural foot shape.

Benefits of Barefoot Shoes for Children

When it comes to barefoot shoes for children, there are plenty of benefits. Firstly, these shoes allow children to wear shoes while still developing proper walking muscles, which aids in the development of their muscles and tendons. This makes walking easier and avoids any long-term foot problems. Additionally, these shoes provide extra arch support and can help improve posture. And finally, minimalist shoes for kids are often lightweight, flexible, and easy to put on and take off.

Types of Barefoot Shoes for Kids

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for your kids can be a daunting task but I am here to make that easier for you. There are a wealth of options when looking for minimalist shoes for children and I want to cover some of the more popular choices.

For the active and adventurous types, you can look for zero drop shoes for kids or kids’ barefoot running shoes. This type of flexible shoes for kids’ growing feet is perfect for everyday wear, to school or while at play. If your kid loves water, you can also consider barefoot-style sandals for kids, or kids' barefoot water shoes which are perfect for beach days.  Kids’ barefoot dress shoes can also make a great option for more formal events, while kids’ barefoot hiking shoes can be a great choice for outdoor activities.


As a parent, making sure my kids are well taken care of is my top priority. When it comes to their shoes, barefoot shoes can be a great choice for providing a natural, healthy environment for their feet. From developing their proper walking muscles, to preventing long-term foot problems, there are numerous benefits to consider.

There are many options when selecting the perfect pair of minimalist shoes for your children, ranging from boys to girls and multiple activity levels. To ensure they’re protected while outdoors, you can also find barefoot-style sandals, dress shoes, and hiking shoes available.

After making the switch to barefoot shoes, I’ve seen how their feet have improved in both shape, strength, and flexibility. The experience has been incredibly rewarding and I’m excited to keep discovering the world’s crazy adventures with my kids.

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