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February 21, 2023

Denver Leather - Xero Shoes | Barefoot Shoes Review

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As someone who loves the outdoors, I'm always looking for a boot that will keep me comfortable, protected, and looking good. And that's exactly what I found with Xero Shoes' Denver Leather.

The Makers

Xero Shoes is a company that specializes in footwear that's designed to provide the most natural feeling possible. All of their shoes are made with a zero-drop heel and wide toe box, allowing your feet to move and flex naturally. They also use durable, high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure their shoes will last.


I'm very impressed with the Denver Leather boot. It's made with a water-repellant full-grain leather upper, which helps keep my feet dry even in wet conditions. The boot also has a cozy flannel lining, which is great for keeping my feet warm in cold weather outside. I also appreciate the heat-reflective insole, which helps keep my feet cooler when indoors.

The boot also has a wider, foot-shaped toe box that allows my toes to spread out and relax. And the non-elevated “zero drop” heel is perfect for helping me maintain proper posture. Finally, the flexible sole provides great grip and protection while still allowing me to feel the ground beneath me.

Technical Specifications

The Denver Leather boot is lightweight at 11.6 oz, with a 4mm lugged dual-chevron tread on a FeelTrue® rubber sole. It comes in black and brown and has a true to size fit with a wide straight fit for medium volume feet. Sizes available are US 6.5-15 and EU 39.5-48.

Fitting/Sizing Advice

I found the Denver Leather boot to fit true to size. It has a wide straight fit, so it's great for those with medium volume feet.


The Denver Leather boot is priced at $139.99 USD.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Xero Shoes' Denver Leather boot. It's made with high-quality materials, features a zero-drop heel, and allows my feet to move and flex naturally. Plus, it looks great and is lightweight and durable. I definitely recommend this boot to anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish barefoot shoe.

Often Compared With

The Xero Shoes' Denver Leather boot is often compared to the:

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