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February 21, 2023

Chokeberry - Wildling Shoes | Barefoot Shoes Review

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When I came across Wildling Shoes' Chokeberry barefoot shoes, I wanted to try them out immediately. The traditional Portuguese burel fabric used as the upper part of the shoe really caught my attention and I was drawn to its smooth, finely textured surface in a subtle petrol gray. The reviews looked good and plus I had always been curious about the felted wool loden material they use. It seemed like it was a perfect fit for my discoveries into the wild.

The Makers

Wildling Shoes are a German-based company committed to merging craftsmanship, comfort, and performance into their shoes. The company strives to provide shoes that blend nature and technology, which focus on minimalist design and comfort. According to the company, their shoes are zero drop for optimal foot health and feature natural upper materials for breathability and protection.

Opinion of Features

When I first put on the Chokeberry barefoot shoes, I was immediately impressed with their comfort and design. The felted wool upper is both lightweight and breathable, and I never have to worry about getting my feet wet. The temperature-regulating properties of the wool keep my feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, a welcome change to some of the other boots I own which I find hard to get the temperature right.

The shoes also offer plenty of room at the forefoot for your toes. If you have narrow feet I'd say it may be wise to grab a pair of insoles or thick socks for an optimal fit.

The construction of the shoes is sturdy and reliable, and the materials are of high quality. They are also easy to care for; I can simply knock the shoes together when dry, brush them gently, or wipe them with a damp cloth. Wildlings suggest applying a waterproof treatment to the edging before the first use.

Technical Specifications

  • Light-weight and offer a zero-drop sole.
  • Weigh approximately 8 oz./size US7.
  • The sole height is approximately 4.5 mm
  • Ground feel is moderate to good.

Fitting, Sizing & Care Advice

Wildling Shoes recommend using the Fitkit measurements to ensure the right fit as the shoes are a little wider than normal. However, for people with narrow feet, a pair of insoles can be used to provide extra comfort.

As the shoes are made of natural materials, the structure and colour may have slight irregularities.

In terms of care, Wildling Shoes suggest knocking the shoes together when dry, brushing them gently when dry, or wiping with a damp cloth. The shoes cannot be machine washed. It is also recommended to apply a waterproofing treatment to the edging before the first use.


The Chokeberry shoes range in price from $139, making them a great value for the quality and features they offer.

Overall Thoughts

I am very pleased with my Chokeberry shoes from Wildling Shoes. They are comfortable and stylish, and they offer plenty of room at the forefoot. The felted wool upper is lightweight and breathable, and the temperature-regulating properties keep my feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. I also appreciate the water-resistant membrane, which keeps my feet dry in wet conditions. The shoes are well-made and easy to care for, and the price range is reasonable. I highly recommend the Chokeberry shoes from Wildling Shoes.

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