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February 21, 2023

Chelsea Boots Womens - Feelgrounds | Barefoot Shoes Review

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Have you ever been in search of shoes that not just look good but feel good as well? Then look no further – Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots deliver both style and comfort with their classic design, lightweight construction, eco-friendly material, and zero-drop sole! A perfect combination of utility and fashion, these boots are made for walks in the park and casual errands; They’re ready for anything the day has in store for you and your feet!

The Makers

Feelgrounds is a shoe brand with a wide selection of minimalist footwear designed with a barefoot ethos and eco-friendliness in mind. They use high-quality and recycled materials to craft their products and use fair and ethical manufacturing methods at their production sites. It’s no wonder they have become one of the most talked-about names in the barefoot world!

Opinion of Features

Starting with style, the Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots are a classic – the timeless design, unisex sizing, and variety of colors to choose from make them easily wearable for all occasions. However, style is only part of the story with these boots. The eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PU leather, TPE & TPU, microsuede, and cork, combine to create a product that feels good and looks good. The material repels water, so you can go out in any weather and not worry about your feet getting wet, while the flexible sole ensures just the right amount of ground feel.

The Chelsea boots include a wide toe box, a microsuede inner lining for an extra soft touch. Plus they have an ankle finger loop for easy on-and-offs which is a nice touch. The zero-drop design encourages a natural shape for your feet and enables you to move more freely and conciously. Overall, these boots are lightweight and allow for a lot of movement, making them an easy choice to take on your daily adventures.

Technical Specification

• Weight of 343 g/12.1 oz for US W11.5/M10

• Sole thickness of 10 mm/0.4 in and a total stack height of 13 mm/0.5 in

• Water-repellent

• Vegan

• Lightweight

• Flexible sole

• Eco-friendly

• Wide toe box

• Zero drop

Fitting & Sizing Advice

The Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots fit true to size for most customers, however those with a low to medium instep volume might need to go up a size due to the curved heel which can push your feet forward. Those with flat instep should add an extra insole and/or wear a thick sock.


The Chelseas' are priced at a pretty typical $149.00 plus shipping. I'd say they're worth it.

Overall Thoughts

Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots bring together style, comfort, and eco-friendliness in one package. They deliver on their promise of natural shaping of the feet and allow for full barefoot functionality. The timeless design, variety of colour options, water-repellent material, removable insole, and zero-drop feature make them the perfect shoes for any occasion. As a bonus, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase helps sustain the planet and an eco conscious company.

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