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August 27, 2023

Best Kids Barefoot Shoes - Voted By The Community | Golden Toe Awards πŸ†

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πŸ‘‰ This is post 6/11 of our Golden Toe Awards 2023 series.

In this incredible journey celebrating the best of minimalist footwear, we've witnessed a keen competition and a driving passion to redefine comfort and functionality in the world of barefoot shoes. Today we're beyond excited to present the winners of the πŸ‘Ά Best Kids' Barefoot Shoe category.

These shoes don't merely offer unmatched comfort to your little one's growing feet, but their ingenious design also enables a barefoot experience full of fun and adventure.

Let's drum roll for the winners! πŸ₯

And the Winners Are...

πŸ₯‡ Xplorer by Be Lenka - Rating: 10.00

πŸ₯ˆSkittles by PaperKrane - Rating: 9.91

πŸ₯‰ Prio Kids by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.13

Why They Won - Community Feedback

After analysing the votes and feedback, here are the winners that have emerged from a pool of exceptional nominees. Here are the champions:

πŸ₯‡ Xplorer by Be Lenka - Rating: 10.00


Explorer by Be Lenka kids barefoot shoes
Design and Fit:
  • Stunning design that appeals to kids with vibrant and colorful options
  • Constructed from high-quality nubuck leather and lined with textile for style and comfort
  • Features elastic laces with stopper and convenient pull loops on the heel and tongue for ease of wear
  • Gusseted tongue provides an extra layer of water resistance to keep feet dry
  • Outsole made from thermoplastic rubber features a playful design
  • Shoes are true to size chart and well-suited for medium and wide feet
  • Not ideal for extra-wide feet or children with higher volume feet
Comfort and Performance:
  • Comfortable and quality shoes suitable for kids
  • The elastic laces and convenient pull loops allow for easy slip-on
  • Shoes have some degree of water resistance
  • Thermoplastic rubber outsole offers flexibility in both directions
  • The softness level of the soles is moderate among barefoot brands, not the absolute softest but also not the firmest
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • No requests for improvements, as many customers express satisfaction with the product as is
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Customers describe them as beautiful, nice, good quality, and cute shoes for kids
  • Some customers attest to their kids loving the shoes
  • The shoes have been described as perfect by some customers
Overall Value and Price:
  • The Be Lenka Kids Xplorer shoe retails at 89€
  • The shoes are seen as a worthy investment due to their high quality and comfort.
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πŸ₯ˆSkittles by PaperKrane - Rating: 9.91


Skittles by PaperKrane barefoot kids shoes
Design and Fit:
  • The Skittles shoes are built with high-quality and incorporate fun, unique designs.
  • These shoes feature an ample toe box, making them ideal for wide feet.
  • The brand frequently releases new styles and designs, capturing customer interest and excitement.
  • PaperKrane recently expanded their range to include adult sizes up to a US 10 for women.
Comfort and Performance:
  • Customers report that despite having wide feet, their kids find the shoes comfortable and do not report any tightness.
  • The shoes are performance-ready, suitable for the cooler seasons, and perfect for kids' active lifestyles.
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • Customers would appreciate the inclusion of additional large kid sizes in future releases.
  • There are certain designs that customers would like to see introduced in adult sizes.
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Children love the bright color scheme, dubbed "Skittle," which gives them a pop of color while still being stylish.
  • There have been positive comments on how well the shoes can be styled with various outfits.
Overall Value and Price:
  • Customers appreciate that these shoes are priced under $100, marking them as good value for money in the barefoot shoe market.
  • The shoes are also seen as an investment because they can be handed down to younger siblings, extending their use and value.
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πŸ₯‰ Prio Kids by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.13


Prio Kids by Xero Shoes
Design and Fit
  • Practical and visually appealing design
  • Long laces can potentially cause fraying, and kids can sometimes step on them
  • The Kids Prio design features a flexible sole and wide toe-box for easy fit and natural foot spread
  • Kids Prio also has a softer sole with better grip and flexibility than adult's Prio
  • Special drawstring laces called "lock laces" are available for easy wear and removal
Comfort and Performance
  • Helped child with balance and proprioception issues
  • Shoes are enjoyable for kids to wear during various outdoor activities like climbing, running, and playground activities
  • The shoes wear out relatively quickly but there is a 24-month warranty available
  • Some users reported pain relief and improved walking experience after transitioning from expensive orthotics to these barefoot shoes
  • Prio offers the necessary protection when barefoot isn't an ideal option
Specific Requests and Improvements
  • Request for more color options, specifically pink
  • Shoelaces were reported to be too long for some users
Customer Feedback and Experiences
  • Particularly loved by kids and they often opt for new pairs as they grow
  • Some parents observed their kids learning to tie shoelaces with Prio shoes, albeit with some frustration
  • Parents also found the option of "lock" laces particularly beneficial for younger kids
Overall Value and Price
  • Price is $69.99
  • Despite the availability of cheaper kids shoe options in the market, customers prefer Prio due to its quality and durability
  • Xero shoes has a Facebook group where parents can swap or purchase shoes second hand
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What's Next?

It's been a joy to reveal the winners of the Best Kids' Barefoot Shoe category, and the excitement is far from over. Tomorrow, we'll be announcing the winners of the next category: 🩴 Best Barefoot Sandals.

The anticipation continues to mount, and we can't wait to reveal more exceptional footwear with you. Don't forget to stay tuned on our IG and our blog posts.

We're also nearing the announcement of the giveaway winners. A big thank you to Barebarics, Be Lenka, Cool East Market, Deliberate Life Designs, Earthing Moccasins, Feelgrounds, Freet, Fullsoul Runningpad, Geniale Sandals, Iguaneye, Kyrgies, PaperKrane, Shapen Barefoot, The Last Shoe Maker, Tomar Creation, Xero Shoes, and Zlatush.

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