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August 27, 2023

Best Barefoot Sandals - Voted By The Community | Golden Toe Awards πŸ†

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πŸ‘‰ This is post 7/11 of our Golden Toe Awards 2023 series.

With another announcement of the 2023 Golden Toe Awards underway, we're here with yet another exciting category.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil the winners of the 🩴 Best Barefoot Sandals category.

These top-tier choices provide you the freedom of going barefoot, with the added benefit of protection underfoot. The perfect companions for your beach trips, park strolls, or just chilling in your backyard.

And the Winners Are...

πŸ₯‡ Geniale by Geniale Sandals - Rating: 10.00

πŸ₯ˆ Z-Trek by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.78

πŸ₯‰ Circadian Lifestyle by Earth Runners - Rating: 9.67

Why They Won - Community Feedback

After analysing the votes and feedback, here are the winners that have emerged from a pool of exceptional nominees. Here are the champions:

πŸ₯‡ Geniale by Geniale Sandals - Rating: 10.00


Geniale by Geniale Sandals barefoot sandal
Design and Fit
  • Stylish and practical design with adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Offers a natural barefoot feel, allowing feet to move freely and flex naturally
  • Light as a feather, easy to roll and put into a bag
  • Available in different colours
  • Slip-on/slip-off design for convenience
Comfort and Performance
  • Exceptional comfort and durability, suitable for various outdoor activities
  • Provides the feeling of walking barefoot while protecting from dirty or dangerous floor items
  • Imparts a sense of freedom when worn
  • Light and high-quality, enhancing comfort
  • Ideal for health-conscious individuals seeking comfort and freedom of movement
Specific Requests and Improvements
  • Suggestion to introduce softer soles, similar to moss
  • Request for a version compatible with socks for colder days
Customer Feedback and Experiences
  • One person described walking in the sandals described as "walking on clouds and feeling like heaven on earth"
  • Many appreciated the sandals being easily portable and compact enough to fit into small bags
  • Multiple customers own more than one pair due to satisfaction with quality and comfort
  • Many expressed a sense of freedom while wearing the sandals
  • Positive reactions on the sandals being lightweight
  • Customers express they are attractive and good quality
Overall Value and Price
  • Customers believe the Geniale Sandale offers excellent value due to their comfortable and minimalist barefoot design
  • Appreciation for the sandals being sustainably produced
  • Described as perfect summer footwear and excellent for foot health
  • High praises for the quality of the sandals
  • Deemed as the best barefoot sandals due to great comfort, top materials, and the best design
  • Identified as a brilliant idea, indicating customers perceive high value
  • Seen as a perfect product for health conscious people
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πŸ₯ˆ Z-Trek by Xero Shoes - Rating: 9.78


Z-Trek by Xero Shoes barefoot sandals
Design and Fit:
  • "Z-Trek sandals have a unique z-pattern which ensures the strap stays secure."
  • "Best fit walking/running sandals that do not cut out under the arch."
  • "Front strap could be positioned a little further back over the foot knuckle, not the toe knuckle for an even better fit."
  • "Designed to provide fantastic fit and easy customisation."
Comfort and Performance:
  • "Offers great ground feel and mobility, with good protection from sharp objects like rocks or thorns."
  • "Provides great traction and doesn't wear down easily - good for hiking trails or yard work."
  • "Lightweight and durable; can be worn for prolonged periods of time with no blisters or foot problems."
  • "The sandals dry quickly and clean easily when needed."
  • "In summer, they can be used for everything - beach, casual, gardening, and hiking."
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • "Shorter straps would be a beneficial improvement, as they often flap around."
  • "There could be a better color selection, and online repair options for the Velcro would be appreciated."
  • "Easier strap adjustment across the toes as an upgrade."
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • "Most comfortable sandals ever owned, replaced everyday wear shoes."
  • "Looks classy enough to wear to casual events."
  • "Multiple pairs purchased for different color options."
  • "Can be used for various activities including running, rowing, hiking and in different terrains such as on streets and trails."
  • "Worn all spring and summer, transitioning to Xero boots in colder months."
  • "Stood up well to intense usage during vacations and casual outings."
Overall Value and Price:
  • "Definitely worth the investment; they are made with quality materials and construction."
  • "These shoes are a great value for money; versatile and can be used everywhere."
  • "Sufficiently durable to withstand daily wear and more intense activities like hiking."
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πŸ₯‰ Circadian Lifestyle by Earth Runners - Rating: 9.67


Circadian Lifestyle by Earth Runners
Design and Fit:
  • Lightweight and versatile design, ideal for various environments and activities, urban or outdoor.
  • Secure and highly adjustable fit due to lacing system providing great sensory feedback.
  • Takes longer to put on and off compared to sandals with Velcro adjustment systems.
  • Nylon webbing may cause uncomfortable friction across toes during initial break-in period.
Comfort and Performance:
  • Initial comfort increases after a break-in period, with laces becoming soft and comfortable.
  • Good traction in both outdoor and urban environments.
  • Cotton canvas footbed provides extra grip in wet conditions and offers a cozy texture.
  • Some feedback have reported experiencing less ground feel than expected and a painful fit around the toe posts.
  • On the other hand many people praised their grounding benefits and ability to provide great ground feel.
Specific Requests and Improvements:
  • Some voters noted the cotton canvas footbed gets dirty easily and requires frequent cleaning.
  • There were concerns about durability, as some customers experienced premature wear of straps and buckles.
  • Voters also noted a longer than expected break-in period and stiffness during this time.
Customer Feedback and Experiences:
  • Overall great feedback on style and comfort, becoming a favorite casual wear sandal for many.
  • Voters have expressed particular satisfaction with the sandals' performance during long day hikes and as camp shoes.
  • Some have raised disagreements about the "grounding" claims.
Overall Value and Price:
  • They are considered good value for their price due to their durability, versatility and stylish design.
  • Despite some reported issues, many users have been wearing these sandals for years and consider them to be the best in the market.
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What's Next?

As we celebrate these remarkable winners, the journey of the Golden Toe Awards continues. Tomorrow, we're lifting the lid on the πŸ‹οΈ Best Gym/Training Barefoot Shoe category. The excitement is only getting bigger!

Stay tuned and follow our IG for the latest announcements of winners. We're also edging closer to the grand reveal of our giveaway winners, making it all the more thrilling!

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey. Your participation and passion for barefoot footwear are what keeps the this community so great.

A round of applause for our amazing brands: Barebarics, Be Lenka, Cool East Market, Deliberate Life Designs, Earthing Moccasins, Feelgrounds, Freet, Fullsoul Runningpad, Geniale Sandals, Iguaneye, Kyrgies, PaperKrane, Shapen Barefoot, The Last Shoe Maker, Tomar Creation, Xero Shoes, and Zlatush.

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