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February 21, 2023

Axiom - Barbarics | Barefoot Shoes Review

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Finding a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes that offer barefoot-like performance and don't break the bank can be a daunting task. As someone who often struggles with how a lot of barefoot shoes look, it has always been tough to find a pair of shoes that look good, while also offering a wide toe box and a 'zero drop' heel. It's even harder to find when you add in sustainable as well. And so my search led me to Barbarics' Axiom shoes.

The Makers

Barbarics is a vegan shoe company based in Slovakia from the same founders of Be Lenka. The team behind Barbarics is known for their commitment to sustainable production practices and making minimalist, fashionable shoes that don't compromise on performance. Their main focus is on providing quality barefoot shoes, like the Axiom style I picked up. While the brand has only been around for a short while, I have to admit, their products have really impressed me.

Opinion of Features

The Axiom barefoot shoes ticked almost every box that I had in mind; they look great, are extremely durable. They offer a level of cushioning and shock absorption that can be hard to find in classic barefoot shoes and so might not be for the purists out there. The upper part of the shoes is made from microfibre and polyester, offering a leather-look with colour stability and tear resistance. The lining is made from Dermodry Coolmax® technical fabric, which keeps my feet dry and comfortable no matter how long I'm on the go.

The sole is another highlight - made from soft synthetic rubber, it ensures superior traction and long-term resistance to wear and tear. The insole consists of removeable cork for sweat drainage and breathable polyurethane foam for maximum comfort. The anatomic shape, material flexibility and zero-drop heel also help to correct posture and improve the centre of gravity, which really helps me when I'm mid-stride. Plus, their lightweight design means that I barely notice I'm wearing them.

Technical Specifications

• Outer part made from microfibre and polyester

• Lining made from Dermodry Coolmax® technical fabric

• Soft synthetic rubber sole

• Insole consists of cork and breathable polyurethane foam

• Anatomic shape and material flexibility support correct posture

• Zero-drop sole to stimulate nerve endings and improve balance

• Lightweight, with sizes 36-47 according to EU measurements

Fitting/Sizing Advice

As far as sizing goes, Barbarics shoes are true to size and suitable for most foot shapes. The Axiom shoes fit me perfectly.


I found the Axiom shoes to be normally priced as far as barefoot shoes go at €139. And considering their durability, longevity and performance, I think they're worth the money.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I'm really happy with my Barbarics Axioms. They look good, stand up to wear and tear, and most importantly, they're comfortable enough to wear all day long. The zero-drop sole and wide toe box help to keep my feet comfortable and supported throughout long runs, while the lightweight design mean they're just ideal for city errands. The only complaint I have is that there isn't enough flexibility in the heel and ankle area on their shoes, but that doesn't take too much away from the overall shoe. All in all, if you're looking for a pair of stylish, performance barefoot shoes then Barbarics' Axiom could be the perfect option.

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