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February 21, 2023

All Terrain High - Groundies | Barefoot Shoes Review

Inside this article:

I was on the lookout for a new pair of shoes for both hiking and casual wear that could handle the elements and still keep my feet comfortable. When I heard about Groundies' All Terrain High' boots, I was immediately intrigued. After getting my hands (or feet) on them, I was sold on the features; Anatomical toe box for extra comfort, zero drop, fully vegan style and the TrueSense® All Terrain sole to provide stability, all while being fully 100% waterproof and durable. I've been wearing these shoes for the past couple of months and I'm loving them! Whether I'm hiking with friends or simply walking the dog, the All Terrain High shoes make every outing more enjoyable—they're lightweight and flexible, provide excellent traction, and are stylish and discreet. It's nice to be able to explore the outdoors worry-free, knowing my feet are well-protected from dirt, moisture and any kind of terrain.

Summary & tech spec 🤓

-Wider fit with zero drop.

-5mm stack height without the insole.

-100% waterproof and vegan.

-Upper made of recycled textile and TPU materials

-Recycled textile and microfiber lined interior

-TrueSense® All Terrain sole with 2.0 mm base and 3.0 mm tread pattern

-Flexible, slip and abrasion resistant

-Removable insole for a custom fit

-Designed in Germany, made in Vietnam

-Carbon neutral offset

-Sizing note: Runs one size smaller

-Shipping & Returns: Free shipping to most countries and free returns within US, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and The Netherlands


About the makers 🧰

Groundies are a premium footwear brand known for their innovative and sustainable designs. They are also committed to sustainability and carbon neutrality, making them a top choice for eco-conscious shoppers. With their comfortable fit, natural range of motion, and focus on sustainability, Groundies has become popular amongst those looking for barefoot shoes with zero drop.

What we love 😍

I'm thoroughly impressed with Groundies' All Terrain High barefoot boots! They offer great comfort and performance for outdoor explorers like me. When I tried them on, the lightweight feel was remarkable and I love the outdoorsy design. After a long fay walking in the rain my feet stayed dry and warm which is awesome as they are sold as waterproof.

As a barefoot enthusiast, the features that make this shoe 'barefoot' caught my eye. The anatomical toe box provides a foot-friendly, wider fit, allowing toes to move freely and preventing discomfort. The zero drop heel and neutral footbed are perfect for barefoot wearers - with minimal cushioning, but just the right amount of support.

The upper is made from recycled textile and TPU materials, perfect for eco-friendly folks! The TrueSense® All Terrain sole has a 2.0mm base and 3.0mm tread pattern for enhanced durability and grip. The sole is flexible, slip- and abrasion-resistant and the boot has a removable insole for a better fit.

The laces were reflective and fun in the dark, plus the higher ankle provided great comfort and mobility. It was also padded for extra comfort around the ankle, with rugged lacing zones on the instep and a heel loop for easy on/off.

What could be better 🫣

Although it's waterproof, the sole can be quite slippery when wet.

However, there are some drawbacks. I initially expected the sole to have deeper treads but the sole can be a little slippery when wet conditions. The upper is quite narrow, which means the toes don't have enough room. I had to order a size up, which made it snug but still not enough. It's product note that it runs one size smaller, however that's not always the case.

To improve the product, I would suggest offering a wider version, as well as a leather model. This would give members of the public more options to choose from. It would also be helpful to state on the product page that it runs one size small, so customers can order accordingly.

Overall, the All Terrain High's are a good quality barefoot boot for short-distance hikes and casual activities. It's vegan-friendly, waterproof and features a foot-friendly anatomical toe box for wider fit. Future improvements could include offering wider versions and a leather model, plus adding information on the product page about its sizing.

Sizing/fitting advice 📐

I found that the Groundies All Terrain High fit one size smaller than usual, so you'll want to order one size higher than normal. In regards to fit, the toe box is wide foot-friendly with a wider fit.

Pricing, shipping and returns 💳

Pricing: $170

Shipping & Returns: Free shipping to most countries, free returns within US, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and The Netherlands

How to care for your All Terrain High's 🪥

Caring for the All Terrain Highs is a simple process that requires some basic materials and cleaning products. The shoes are made with a combination of recycled textile and TPU material, making them vegan, flexible and water resistant. To ensure that your shoes always look new, it's important to remove dirt on a weekly basis and impregnate them with a vegan shoe polish. This will help protect the material and make them more durable.

In general, shoes made of recycled textiles should be treated with extra care as they may be more susceptible to damage than other types of material. To ensure their longevity, it is best to keep them in a clean, dry environment. It is also important to inspect the fabric regularly to check for any cracks or holes, and patch them up as needed. Additionally, it is best to avoid any chemical cleaners that may cause discoloration or damage to the material as they may be too strong and could cause further damage. Finally, it is best to opt for a mild soap and water solution to clean the shoes and avoid any harsher products to preserve the shoe's quality.

Final thoughts 🤔

I would definitely recommend the All Terrain High barefoot boots from Groundies. They are made from quality materials and feature a flexible, slip and abrasion-resistant TrueSense® All Terrain sole with a 2.0 mm base and 3.0 mm tread pattern for excellent grip. The design is stylish and the shoes come with features such as a waterproof upper, ankle padding for comfort, and rugged lacing zones on the instep. Groundies also have a carbon neutral offset, meaning the manufacturing process is entirely eco-friendly. On top of that, the shoes are offered in a wide toe box for extra comfort. For anyone looking for lightweight and high-quality barefoot shoes, All Terrain Highs are an excellent choice.

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